Is That Really How You Say Feng Shui…?

Far more important to understand what it is than how to say it!

Great question, glad you asked!

It’s not like “Beetlejuice” – say it three times and bad stuff begins to happen… but I have to admit, the visual of Michael Keaton running around in his striped suit does come to mind doesn’t it…

How you pronounce these two innocent looking words, will depend on where you are in the world, who taught them to you, and how often you use them.

As a professional working in the industry, I’ve been schooled a specific way, by Asian Masters and have chosen to follow their dialect and direction.

Feng Shui is only two words that simply mean Wind & Water, and technically, there is no wrong or right way as to how you say them.

How about we do this, let’s sound them out together:

  • Feng is the word for Wind and is pronounced Fung
  • Shui is the word for Water and is pronounced Shoy (rhymes with Bok ‘Choy‘)

You will hear other ways of pronouncing Feng Shui, and my advice to you is wise and simple: it does not matter how you say it… it is far more important you understand what it is.

Feng Shui is the art and science of understanding how a space will affect you, and unlike Beetlejuice, how many times you say for all to hear won’t make a difference.

What language you say it in, what accent, and what inflection you give the words either separately or together is entirely up to you.

A complex subject in itself, and yet surprisingly simple in practice, don’t worry how you say it ok – that is not the important part

By Sam Plovie

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