Is The Little Piggy of 2019 Ready For Market…?

A confusing and unstable year, can this little Piggy lead us wisely…?

If this little piggy went to market while this little piggy stayed home, then this little piggy ate roast beef and this little piggy had none…. all while this little piggy cried “wee wee wee” all the way home ~ would that make everything right in the world..?

Alas, me thinks not.

With Brexit getting more complicated by the day, I don’t think they even know where their next slice of bacon is coming from!

As much as I love keeping things uber clear, we’ll need to get a little technical for me to explain myself, so let’s sort that first.

2019 is Ji Hai

  • Ji meaning Yin Earth
  • Hai is our adorable Pig

Ji is an elemental ‘stem’ which makes it visible to the world and is the active aspect, the dynamic nature of the year. This is like the modus operandi or culture if you will. Ji earth is fertile, like fine grains of soil in a farmer’s field, ready to germinate and grow goodness. Its nature is nurturing, a kind and inclusive leader who likes to grow its following by teaching and empowering others.

Hai is the animal branch and is more hidden from view and can be overlooked… Uh-oh, big mistake if you do that as the branch is the baseline, what’s really going on behind the scenes and is the foundation for how the culture will play out. As one of the 4 travelling animals in Chinese Zodiac (Pig ~ tiger ~ Snake ~ Monkey) and part of the water direction (Pig ~ Rat ~ Ox) and wood frame (Pig ~ Rabbit ~ Goat) our little piggy is far more accomplished than many realize….

The water within our Pig represents communication, thoughts, emotions, sexual organs, kidneys, sex and a few darker depths just out of sight…. We must never forget that water can appear calm, but it is always moving underneath, undulating and ready to rise at any moment….

Yin earth represents our inner thoughts, digestive system, stomach and our connectivity with others. Predominantly gentle and considered soft, possibly too soft. Nah-ah, earth gets strong when it joins together and can be the building blocks of change ~ important to remember that peeps!

Some say winter is coming, I say change is our climate now.

When water is clean, the attributes can be pure… When earth is supported, the foundation is strong.

Challenge with 2019 is that Earth is sitting on top of this Water, which makes it unstable and problematic as the soil is eroding and contaminating / muddying the once clear waters below…

We are likely to experience:

  • The earth move under the force of water, which means mudslides and overflows / flooding land
  • Interruptions with travelling on the ground ~ trains, trucks, cars and people walking
  • Water disasters ~ likely rivers more so than oceans
  • Contamination of water, likely a new outbreak of illness on a global scale, also watch for gastro-intestinal issues closer to home
  • Sex scandals ~ yes, there will be more…PR teams and lawyers will work around the clock to keep these hidden, only people uniting bravely will unearth what has not been seen yet…
  • New industry growth challenging old ideals
  • Stock market fast up ~ alas fast down…
  • Communication technology scandal
  • A demand for new educational avenues
  • A sense of fear and unease… deception is afoot!
  • Re-evaluation of our personal positions, ideals and goals

I’m curious how you read that list, did you only look to the negative…?

C’mon now, don’t do that!

You’ve got to see the positives, as this piggy is cute and a famous bank after all!

Sam Says: “Focus on the good and the good will focus on you!”

2019 has great potential for growth and new development so lots can be achieved. Money can be made, advances celebrated and love accomplished; all depends on how you approach it.


  • Fear cripples you ~ get out of your head and move, nothing chases fears away better than action!
  • Anxiety rises ~ yell your inner demons from the rooftop: it’s easier to let things go when you have the right vantage point!
  • Your health wobbles ~ get a grip with a new workout routine and eating habits, it’s your body right!
  • Water around your property an issue ~ be prepared with plans to divert the flow, voila done!
  • Travelling is part of your year ~ check plans twice, expect delays / interruptions and take along a good novel to read!

See, this year is not difficult to navigate if you are flexible, prepared and willing to change direction when things shift, as shift they surely will!

Water brings the ability for movement and last year we were stuck, deadlocked on just about everything; 2019 can change all that.

Our little piggies have some issues for sure and could definitely benefit from family counselling as they struggle with people huffing and puffing to blow their house down!

I’d say for sure we’ll see some active huffing against any house made out of white… if you get my meaning….

It’s not rocket science people, it’s simply a nursery rhyme about finding your way home ~ and I know you can do that exceptionally well.

Wee… wee….wee….

By Sam Plovie

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