Is There A Hidden Force Within May…?

Can the force truly be with you this month of May or is it…

Such a lovely play on “May 4th be with you” quote… but what does it actually mean to you….?

Well, it depends if you learned some valuable lessons last month… ?

If you hit that low moment, that moment you wanted to jack it all in… That moment you slumped those broad shoulders, possibly fell to your knees and then you stood back up and looked it all in the eye…?

Then you my friend, have the force within, and I couldn’t be prouder!

So what is this May month Sam…?

This May month is Gui Si:

  • Gui is Yin Water
  • Si is Snake

So before we slip into slithering Snake jokes, let’s pull back and have a look at what’s really in play right now…

April was a tough one… that Dragon pushed us to our limits and definitely created some fierce moments and no matter who you are, what your role is, big or small ~ you felt the Dragon’s wrath didn’t you…

No fibs now, I know there were painful and overwhelming moments, and yes, I wish I had prepared you better ~ my bad…

What does a Dragon have to do with anything…?

Ah lots my friends… Dragons be fierce and unforgiving at times…

I have a Dragon in my chart and didn’t expect everyone else to feel what I felt, what I knew I would go through, the personal hits, the doubt, the fear

So why do I mention this now.. talk about what was.. isn’t April over…?

Sort of...

April pushed you in a way you needed to be pushed as you’ve allowed yourself to be coerced to accept behaviours that are not ok and certainly aren’t good for you.

Forgive the cliche, but May will allow you to shed that damaged skin. It was heavy on your shoulders, clouded your vision and shrouded your thoughts…

Now you can finally emerge with a new outlook!

How can a cliche change anything…?

The gentleness of May’s water is much more nourishing than the full force of April’s that literally gushed over and through us…

The nourishment we receive this month is wise, communicative and forgiving, so let’s lean into that and be honest, helpful and true with each other…

I cannot say this enough ~ communication is our go-to word ~ so for heaven’s sake, don’t muck this up!

I will come over there and sort you out… ?

We must support each other, we must raise each other up, more than ever before. It’s the voice of you and I that makes a difference this month.

Not dictatorial, not political ~ it’s your true voice that needs to whisper wisdom wisely…

Find your voice this month and use it!

I need you to protect each other! When a Snake enters our world, she is low to the ground, hidden in the grass, rustling behind the scenes… and she can cause shit.

Such moves are out of sight, and generate a ripple of fear that you’re about to experience a strike, followed by a bite…

If you don’t want to get bitten, stop walking amidst the tall grass...

Clear away those ‘frenemies‘ that surround you and stop engaging in hidden agendas…

Shed what you no longer need.

Yeah, you know what I’m talkin’ about...

Ok, but what’s happening globally…?

On a larger scale, we will see the vaccines roll out easier, in fact, transportation as an industry will strengthen. I’m not convinced all movement is good though, as many areas are experiencing Pandemic issues and I would rather we all stay still…

But we won’t.

The desire to travel will slither into our every thought, action, motive and sitting still will be next to impossible…

We will be pursued by ads that beckon tranquil beaches, deserved getaways and alluring destinations…

We want to escape.

Can you do me a favour, can you direct this restlessness to a greater good please..?

How about launching that product, unveiling that idea, switching up aspects of your career and taking action to shed an outdated view of who you are, of how others see you and show the world whatcha really got and where you’re headed…?

Yeah, that’s the spirit ~ stake your claim!


Feng Shui tips for May!

Now let’s move into some Feng Shui and highlight 4 areas in your home that you need to be aware of: 2 good ones and 2 not of the other kind…?

2 areas to avoid this month are:

  • Northeast ~ definitely avoid this part of your home / office for important decisions, coz you’re gonna be confused… and it won’t go well…
  • Southeast ~ can we say obsessive compulsive…? Why yes we can! Avoid this area if you are struggling with an addiction or if you are pregnant, or trying to get pregnant…

Time to balance this out, which 2 areas are best to use more Sam?

  • South ~ lots going on here this month, great for career advancement, gaining an authoritative position and potential mergers! Real estate features with potentials for asset growth.
  • East ~ this is particularly good for relationships, for those wishing to take things to the next level. It’s something we call ‘birth of intelligent son’ and holds great potential… enjoy!

Keep in mind, you may not be able to avoid an area I speak to ~ I get that 100%. All I ask is that you become aware of the energy influence of the areas I share, and do what you can in real time ok.

Let’s get some Astrology tips next!

Alrighty, let’s move into our horoscopes (HERE FOR YOUR CHART) and see who interacts with whom.

Now you have your chart, look to the animals in the bottom row, as that’s what I’m referencing next!

Do you have a:


Interesting month because when the Snake and Pig clash like this, it’s not what you think… They pretty much look each other in the eye and say; “let’s get this party started ~ time for something new!” Why..? Because they instigate movement, they push each other to make directional changes, so you my friend, are likely to change direction this month, so get ready to do this!


An emotional month as you are under the influence of a harm, and as bad as that sounds, it doesn’t have to be. Tiger’s stealthily monitor everything around them, so heighten those keen senses of yours and stay in the shadows a bit more, keep your head down, and don’t display what you are thinking… it may be used against you…

I have to add something here for you feisty Tigers… your own actions can be your undoing this month, so please pause ~ think ~ and seek advice in major decisions as your immediate responses may not be in your best interests… kinda have to protect you from yourself this month…


You have two things at play this month… one is the ability to move away from something negative in your life, to shed what is not working and finally release the pain inside… YOU can make the changes necessary this month, but it won’t be pain-free… it will be emotional…

The other aspect that I love is that you are about to get the help you need, meet the connections that can open new doors and finally step over a hurdle that had you worried, possibly held you back. Open the new door please!

Monkey ~ Tiger  

Special note this month… If you have both of these in your birthdate, I need you to be aware that even though your intent may be good, your deeds intended to help… it may backfire on you this month. When Tiger ~ Snake ~ Monkey unite, it’s challenging. Approach everything with a grateful viewpoint, open heart, welcoming mindset and you will come out Aok ~ albeit with a few bruises…

How do we work with these Astrology tips Sam…?

Ok, I can see you scratching your head right now as you found some of these interactions in your birthdate chart, and it’s a tad overwhelming right.

Flip that thinking around right now peeps!

If you know it’s going to rain, you grab your umbrella right…?

Right ?

I share these interactions so you can be ready, so you can head off an issue before it becomes a problem.

This May month has a lot of growth in it, a huge ability to reveal what lies beneath ~ both good and bad. You have a choice, you have a voice ~ focus on the bad, or throw that shit to the curb and activate the good!

Why is a Snake’s tongue considered bad…?

They say the Snake has a forked tongue, tells lies, has fangs to infuse poison into your veins…

Turn this around peeps!

View the Snakes’ forked tongue to acknowledge there are two sides to every story, and prepare to tell your story.

Move away from the lies and stay on the truths, as the facts will set you free.

Stop worrying about a venomous bite and proactively remove your exposed skin from sight.

A snake cannot bite what it cannot access…

It’s not rocket science peeps, it’s proactive positive behaviour.

By Sam Plovie

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