Is There A Wealth Indicator On My Face..?

Yes there is, but it may not be what you think…

Great question – and yes there is!

Understanding your face, and what it shows about your life is a complex area, but there is one part that can support you in your wealth journey… or maybe not… all depends on what you do to this body part…

You have one particular indicator for wealth on your face, and it is likely somewhere you’ve never considered as connected to money in any way ?

When positioned well, you can gain support from others to make money together with peers, colleagues and friends.

If too delicate and petite… money may not be your focus, and could be hard to attain…

If there is a wide spread in a specific area, money can be accumulated well, and tucked away for a rainy day…

But if there is too much openness, too large a gap, money can fly through your fingers oh so fast!

And if you alter this area, their can be dire consequences: we highly recommend you don’t do this one thing!

Tell me, which facial feature do you think indicates strong wealth ability…?

How about we see if what you are thinking about, is right…

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By Sam Plovie

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