It’s 2020 Year of The Rat ~ You Ready?

Haha, I bet you aren’t, so how about we chat and I show you where……

As we breathe a sigh of relief that the Pig of 2019 has left the building…. are we maybe breathing out too soon...?


2019 was a tough emotional year, and whenever we approach a year change there is this valiant cry that the next year is going to be fabulous and everything we dreamed of right!

Um… sorry to burst your bubble, but those dreams of yours may need to be held in check just a tad longer…

With Chinese Lunar New Year fast approaching and the Solar New Year right behind it, things are shifting for sure and we are experiencing great change. If you want to know the exact dates of the New Year celebrations and what they mean to you READ THIS FIRST.

For 2020, we have a Rat stepping up at the Podium to lead the way, which means the temperament and viewpoint of this Rat will set the standard for everything we are to experience in the year to come. And I do mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

This particular year is Geng Zi, which translates to Yang Metal Rat:

Geng is like a sword, has sharp edges, promotes a valiant stance, can strike quickly, but is actually not as tough as it looks on the inside… As the prevailing ‘element‘ of 2020, this is what people will see, recognize and probably follow ~ which is a tad worrisome to me.

Zi is the Rat from the North, intensely connected with water, and famous for being in the dark underground depths… While there is much intelligence in the Rat, the tremendous force of water keeps our emotions at high alert, and continues that unstable feeling the Pig brought forward so callously in 2019. Oh, and real water issues will follow, as the Rat’s force is unstoppable once it releases, so real water will rise from underneath and flood…

So, is all lost, do you need to climb back into bed and hide beneath the covers until 2021…?

Nah, but you may need a comforting, warm blanket from time to time ~ let’s take this deeper now.

Geng Zi will continue to generate instability in our stock markets with some major partnerships and global companies succumbing to receivership. There is a level of fear through the general population, and people are searching for direction, for a leader they can trust…

Please be careful whom you trust…

That valiant cry of “come join me and I’ll tackle Goliath for you” may not be as trustworthy as it first appears… Use your head and make decisions based on facts and the integrity of the person, not theirs or your emotions.

Give your loyalty to someone who can make real difference!

Such a strong stance can help us make big changes though, and while I love change, I am concerned the change will come via destructive forces, which divides into two arenas;

  • Geng is powerful, and the powers that be will fight openly, and wave weapons around like glorified lightsaber’s, problem is, 2020 is not the newest instalment of Star Wars
  • Zi is water from the North, deep, dark, cold and unrelenting, and it will forcefully make it’s presence known with real flooding as well as emotional overflows…

But Geng Zi will also help us explore new technologies, advances in robotics and automated systems, not to mention a positive step forward for the Earth industries out there like, real estate development, and mining exploration.

We began to see automated cars stealthily exploring our neighbourhoods last year, and I believe we’ll see lots more before the year is done!

The entertainment industry will get a boost, and we can already see Disney, Amazon and Netflix flexing their muscles ~ they will continue to court your following and build powerful positions for themselves. They may even start battling it out with each other, which hopefully leads to lower subscriptions for us mere mortals… but I won’t hold my breath on that one...?

I also expect beauty to move to the forefront, as the skin features, alongside some sparkle ~ probably connected to the entertainment industry… and I would not be surprised to see more sexy scandals surfacing either!

Ooh, side note, what rhythms with sparkle..?

Meghan Markle

Did you check out the Podcast where I nailed it with the changes in the Royal Household for 2020 ~ ooh, it was juicy! LISTEN HERE.

It is important to remember that the 2020 Rat is a highly intelligent animal, and if we can learn to control the fierceness of that metal sword, we can achieve great advances this year.

As the Rat comes from the North, with that dark watery undercurrent, this will be the year to haul things to the surface. While that may not look pretty in the process, it does put the proverbial elephant on the table ~ and that means we can all acknowledge it, speak to it and deal with it.

“Accountability will be part of 2020; no ifs, ands or buts about it”.

Step up to the plate ~ yes, that means you! ~ and take responsibility for your actions, your part in how the year unfolds, and make intelligent decisions that can alter what needs to be corrected.

2019 had a gradually dissolving footing, we thought we were stable, but as the year unfolded, many unravelled and began to sink.

2020 isn’t the same, it has a much more forceful agenda for us.

As we transition, we are already seeing natural disasters in earthquakes, forest fires, extensive flooding and explosive combat, and this is the power shift from Pig to Rat.

Yes, it will settle down some, just like any governing power does, as once the old leader is out and the new one installed with a new desk and wallpaper, a more settling pattern emerges.

However, the tone will have been set, and powerful forces are fighting this year ~ and like a chess game between two pros, once the first piece is moved, it’s full on until someone says checkmate…

This is a time when I ask you to be mindful of where you are traveling, please monitor which countries appear on the ‘no travel’ list, doesn’t matter whether from natural disasters, war situations, viruses or arguing factions ~ keep yourself out of it!

Tourism is clearly going to take a hit, as not only will people fear the ‘where‘ and ‘when‘ to go, they won’t actually have the money ‘to’ go, as all is not what it seems in our bank accounts…

Yes, yes, I hear you, negative Sam ranting on again ~ not so my friends, you have to turn that thinking around.

Understand that:

  • Financially, things are unsecured ~ save a little more, and plan ahead
  • Globally, powers will fight ~ educate yourself on who to vote for and follow!
  • Emotionally, people are insecure ~ help each other, be kind to each other

You can achieve your goals in 2020, as long as you realign those goals with reality.

Look to the industries I mentioned that will do well, and consider how you can work with them, what can you, or your company offer those industries, as they can help you make money.

Ok, let’s shift gears to the other factor you need to know about.

Astrology interacting with Geng Zi plays a huge role in how your year will be. When we look at a few of the key ones for 2020, if you are born year of:

  • Horse ~ you are going to experience change, so don’t fight it, embrace it and be in charge of those changes! Your fast, impulsive character may want immediate action… but you won’t get it this year, so learn to pace yourself…
  • Goat ~ remain aware of your surroundings, as you’ll be climbing tall ladders career wise which is all great and dandy, but you could physically fall and hurt yourself of this tall ladder at the same time! Be careful please!
  • Rooster ~ a turnaround year if ever I saw one, there is a destructive element that can help you uncover hidden talents, but you’ll need to be careful in the process…Peach blossom comes forward, and some sexy interludes may be on their way ~ ooh-lala!
  • Rabbit ~ you want to do big things, I get that, simply be ready to creatively find your way around unfair issues when they present, it’s up to you how you win this one! Focus on relationships, or you may end up breaking apart something beautiful…

Curious to know more about your Astrological forecast for 2020, and if there are areas to active in your home for more prosperity…?

Yes, there are, and I have it all ready for you, right here:


Remember, 2020 will be what you make of it, so make it count for something.

How you circumvent the ups and downs of a year that will rewrite history is up to you, and it’s not about what will affect you, it’s more about how you will affect the year.

Be Purposeful ~ Be True ~ Be Kind

By Sam Plovie

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