January’s Journal To Overcome Omicron…

While many celebrate New Year, we actually have some work to do first… Are we going backwards, or forwards?

With celebrations in full swing for our ‘heir apparent 2022’… dare we say those fatal words heard by every parent on a long road trip; “are we there yet…?”

Not quite my peeps, January is not the first month of 2022 energetically speaking… we gotta trudge through it to February and only then will we hear that caressingly soft GPS voice say; “you have reached your destination

? sometimes I crack myself up with these quips! ?

January 5 begins Xin Chou:

  • Xin is Yin Metal
  • Chou is our Ox

Do those letters look familiar and did I say that last month too…?

Ooh, aren’t you observant as yes I sure did!

December was Geng Zi; a repeat of words from 2020, and Xin Chou is a repeat of words from 2021…

Are we headed backwards to those times then…?

Not really… well… maybe a little.

This January we will ‘feel‘ like we’re slipping back with restrictions, Omicron fears, anxiety, financial woes… yeah, it’s like a crazy soap opera on steroids…

December was the first fear and now January intensifies the plot. Layer in Mercury Retrograde starting on January 13th (check HERE for the full article and 2022 dates) and that backwards word has a whole new meaning right!

Mercury Retrograde aside, we have another battle to overcome…

I wanna share something that I need you to hear loud and clear as it all revolves around the word fear. I’ve been clear that the fear of Omicron is worse than Omicron itself. That doesn’t mean Omicron won’t cause devastation ~ it simply means devastation in a different ways.

First of all, what does fear mean to you…?

Here’s what it means to me:

  • F = False
  • E = Events
  • A = Appearing
  • R = Real

Are ya pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down…?

Get a grip and stick to the facts as this January month is not (and hasn’t been since December) all that it seems…

We are at the darkest moment ~ wait, you wanted me to paint a picture of unicorns and rainbows…? Um, I’m not your gal for that as I’m always gonna say it how it is.

It is only when we know true intense dark that we can experience true enlightening light and that my peeps is about to begin when 2022 finally gets here!

In January you will feel propelled backwards, stopped in your tracks, handcuffed even (and not in the fun way ? ) so be ready and put those F.E.A.R.s aside as they are not yours long-term.

Use this time of stillness (as yes, our movements will be restricted once again) to evaluate how you got to this point, touch those pain points and examine them so you can finally release them.

We carry pain points forward often with a badge of honour… but who are we honouring…?

My point exactly.

How do we navigate January’s dark moments?

Embrace them. Feel them. Know them. Learn from them.

2022 is Year of The Tiger and I’ve been prepping you for months now that the Tiger waits for no one!

We will break free of inner turmoil in 2022, but get ready as it’s gonna be a fast and furious ride!

Where 2021 kept us in the trenches, 2022 propels us up and out into the open. I’ll expand on this in the 2022 Blog, but for here and now, simply know ya gotta get ready to move peeps!

Allow yourself time to regroup, to rest, to strategize your next moves as where you’ve been is no longer where you are going to be.

Organise your mind, your workspace, your home and your values so you can embrace what’s heading your way because it is meant for you and only you.

You can look at a Stop sign and see a problem, something blocking your way… Or you can look at a Stop sign and see a moment to pause and check your surroundings.

Choose wisely…

4 Feng Shui tips you must have!

Now let’s move into some Feng Shui and highlight two fab areas in your home for favourable outcomes this month!

  • North ~ particularly awesome for the real estate market as money with property is available to those who activate it!
  • East ~ romance and academics abound in the East this month so use this area for studying… and maybe that love letter you want to write ?

Time to balance this out, which areas are best to avoid then Sam?

  • Southeast ~ can’t sugarcoat this one, just stay out of this area for discussions, studying, phone calls… consider it your wifi dead zone for the month ok
  • Northwest ~ legal issues and chest complications will rise if you spend too much time in this area ~ steer clear please!

Keep in mind, you may not be able to avoid an area I speak to ~ I get that 100%. I ask you to become aware of the energy influences and do what you can in real time ok.

Your astrology forecast this month!

Alrighty, let’s move into our horoscopes and see what’s hot and what’s not! Don’t know your Astrology Chart…? No problem, check it HERE and come right back to read more about you!

In your birth chart, do you have:

Goat: Not necessarily a fun month for you, as you will be battered a tad, possibly pushed into a corner and likely question yourself and your moves. Be still, regroup and then purposefully step forward.

Horse: Again, take time to centre yourself and focus on your needs, because if you overextend yourself for others, they’ll be ok, but you’ll hit a wall… You could also physically harm yourself, so be mindful of your surroundings and make safety your A-game.

Dog / Goat: There is a sense of bullying around you so take the time to evaluate if it’s real, or if you are making a mountain out of a molehill… You may also feel something isn’t fair… guess what…? It may not be, but it is what it is so get on with it.

Dragon: This one is all about bad habits, so it’s time to ensure you create better ones this month! On the flip side, can you make some big changes and potentially destroy something that is blocking your path…? Maybe.

Rat: Ah… True friends through thick and thin, this is a month of collaborations and assistance! Connect with the people you need, and you will get where you want to go. Yep, it can be that easy!

Alrighty, so as we bring this January blog to a close, do you run for the hills because I said it’s our darkest moment and Mercury Retrograde…?


Use the stalled nature of this month to go inward so you are ready to pounce outward into 2022.

As my Sifu loves to say; “In stillness, there is motion”

Be still my peeps, be still as then you will be able to create great motion ?‍♀️

One more thing before you go!

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By Sam Plovie

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