New Month of November Pig 2019 Begins!

Oh boy, does this month herald some muck being thrown about, or….

With snow lightly dusting the mountains around my home, we are firmly in the run up to winter, and I for one love it! We have a new monthly leader assuming power on November 8th, and she’s sure to stir things up!

Now, I would be remiss not to utter those famous words from House Stark “Winter is coming“… and dare I throw in a low rumbly voice and deadpan stare…?

Haha, of course I dare!

November 2019 is a time to be cautious, a time to be prepared for some stormy weather, and yes, a time of vigilance…

Ok, even I admit, that does sound ominous, clearly I’ve been watching too much Netflix!

November is Yi Hai:

  • Yi is Yin Wood ~ delicate, introverted and a tad manipulative
  • Hai is the cute Piggy ~ actively mobile, a loud snorter and a tad destructive

Whether you’ve been listening this past year, or just meeting me this month ~ I’ve been gearing up to this for some time. Not an easy month for many, there will be mud-slinging, some low-ground hits, and generally a ruckus in the barnyard of our global world… especially social media.

With some loud snorting and hoof stomping from those in power, we will witness mud sticking when thrown, whereas before it slid off… We will see advances with some of those legal cases that have been hanging around this year, and settlements / accountability being set in position. ’bout time if you ask me!

Throw in Mercury Retrograde and we have a tricky situation brewing on our hands that you need to know how to handle. Pop over HERE for info on Mercury Retrograde ok.

Now, the reason November is a challenge is primarily because it is Pig month in Pig year. Add that the Yi stem of November directly clashes the Ji stem of 2019 and we have another layer of fractious behaviour, albeit not too bad as both Yi & Ji are Yin stems, so their battle is more subdued…

Oops, having said that… subdued can mean internal too and I am concerned for emotional upsets. If you have a friend who is suffering from depression, please watch over them as they need your stability, your calming influence and positive reminders that this is just a passage in time, and it will pass…

Let’s highlight two fab areas this month for favourable outcomes!

  • West ~ great area for academics, so study here if you need to pass an exam or learn something tricky ok
  • Northwest ~ this is somewhat like a think-tank on steroids, so push those ideas through!

Time to balance this out, which areas are best to avoid then Sam?

  • Northeast ~ to put it mildly… this is an area of endings, of closings and completion, with a final shutdown… so not the place to spend time in if you are growing a new business, or venture. Pregnant ladies: no-go zone 100%
  • East ~ what’s occurring here is a power struggle… so if you manage people, be ready for them to push back on you. Be sure to listen to the video below on how to handle that ok!

Alrighty, let’s move into our horoscopes and see who interacts with whom, this part always amazes even me with its accuracy!


Ok, now you have your chart, look to the animals in the bottom row, as that’s what I’m referencing next!

Do you have a:

Snake ~ Clash: These often make people uneasy and yet there is far more to a clash than first meets the eye. If you want change in your life, you can use a clash to make that happen, so I say get ready for change! Communication will be crucial, so watch your P’s & Q’s and be patient with others who look like they are not keeping up, I think they may be…

Monkey ~ Harm: Oh dear… Thankfully harms are most often fast-acting and run out of umph quickly, however they do hurt as they strike so be careful with extra curricular activities this month as you may hurt yourself… Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Pig ~ Self-Penalty: It’s no fun dealing with a Self-Penalty and this one could cause some major bloody issues as the year is also a Pig year, so it’s a triple whammy! You are likely to be the seat of your own problems, so slow down and think things through please. Emotionally, you may take a hit, so let the tears roll down those cherubic cheeks of yours, as whatever hurts inside, must come out before it breaks you down…

Tiger ~ Destruction & Combination: Talk about tricky circumstances… If you have a Tiger in your chart, you are going to feel it this month, with an upswing of “we can do this together” to a full blown drop of “oh shit, what just happened…?” Speed is not your friend this month, so take it easy, hit the pause button and think things through please.

While I’ve spoken to some rather negative behaviours, possibly more than normal, I want to remind you that all is never lost. Ignorance is never bliss, and if you embrace what the month has on its agenda, and understand you are an item on this agenda, you can manage every aspect of your life easily.

None of us are perfect, none of us get it right all the time, but what we can do is approach everything with more kindness and patience this month, and help others when they need it…

I want to share a new way for us to chat, something I’m going to build on for us, how about you take a listen here, and then come back and re-read what I wrote above, as it’s sure to make more sense…

By Sam Plovie

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