November Feng Shui & Astrology Forecast: Deep Water…

November is all about accepting our new landscape, and peeling back the layers hiding our truth.

October was a heavy hit, and we fought back valiantly… November is about accepting our evolving landscape and understanding the layers of our instability…

You may feel alone, wondering if anyone else understands what you’re experiencing this month…?

They do, we all do, now let’s dive in and open this up!

November is Gui Hai:

  • Gui is Yin Water
  • Hai is Pig

A Water Pig sounds so cute right…?

In many ways it is ~ but there’s much more to consider as this piggy trots to market!

This little darling is waterlogged BIG time, and water will always find a way to disperse whatever stands in its way.

This month, that is us.

What will we experience this November?

A surge of water is enroute and the potency is hidden, as it’s not a rogue wave we can see coming…

November’s water is underground, subversive, unsettling and will find its way to the surface in a myriad of ways.

The earth will become saturated beyond capacity, causing landslides and erosive actions.

Water contamination is going to be an issue, likely spurring on disease.

This will have a global effect, so even if you feel water won’t affect you directly, it will reach you.

Water is relentless when it’s on the move, and this month, it’s on the move!

What will we feel ..?




That last one is my focus, as we’re all looking for stability and direction, yet, we’re feeling unsure of how or which way to go…

Last month I spoke to finding your way, choosing your path, and this month, you will be tested and be wondering if you chose correctly…?

I get it 100% and already find myself second guessing the plans I made last month.

WTF right?

Find your stable points, people and mindset; do not let your mind run away with you this month.

And yes, you chose correctly last month ~ trust in yourself.

What are the best actions to take…?

Stay alert.

Yes you can still sleep, relax and go about your business; alert simply references being ‘aware.’

If you are travelling to a place known for natural water disasters, for goodness sake be smart about your moves while there.

If you live near a river, ocean, shoreline of some kind, educate yourself on tides, currents and flood protocols.

This isn’t rocket science peeps, it’s practical real life.

Stay connected with people, especially those relationships you cultivated last month, they will become important.

What do I need to avoid …?


Inauthentic people.


Hmm… whatever do I mean with those 3 points…?

Be the calm observing other people’s storm, because if you don’t detach yourself, you’ll be swept right into their drama.

Watch for people who avoid answering direct questions, with evasive moves that make you wonder what they’re really up to…?

Yep, they’re up to something.

Don’t gossip or guess; ask real time questions clearly and concisely.

If you manifest a grey zone, an unsure, unconfident zone, you’ll invite that into your environment 100%

Don’t do that.

Be clear with your moves and intentional in your actions.

November will buffer you, sideways, forward, backward so be ready to stay light and in the flow of things. You can’t be a damn and stop this water, you must move with it.

Now let’s move into some Feng Shui and highlight areas in your home for favourable outcomes ~ coz it’s all about you!

How To Max Out Your Feng Shui!

Feng Shui is the art and science of how a space will affect you.

It’s the energetic wifi we tap into for greatness, and sometimes inadvertently tap into for problems…

The key is understanding the monthly wifi so you can make stronger and more purposeful moves, so let’s get straight to it!

  • West & North

These 2 areas will cultivate great discussions, clear thinking and encourage new ideas, potentially sparking new ventures.

Problematic Feng Shui This November

Just like a dead-zone for your TV show streaming, Feng Shui wifi can get blocked too!

  • East ~ Northeast ~ Northwest ~ Southwest

Uhoh, a few to consider…

These areas will cause issues with conversations, meetings, create confusion and undermine your decision-making ability.

Remember, you can’t change your wifi, you adjust to work with it!

Finding Feng Shui Love This November

Some months we have multiple areas that speak to some ooh-lala, this November, we have one:

  • North 

Enjoy some connective moments with a romantic essence and learn fom each other.

You can also tap into the North for creative pursuits, developing new ideas and putting ideas into motion.

Keep in mind, you may not be able to avoid an area I speak to ~ I get that 100%. I ask you to become aware of the energy influences and do what you can in real time ok.

Alrighty, let’s move into our horoscope and see what’s hot and what’s not!

Astrology Forecast For November!

Don’t know your Astrology Chart…?

No problem, check it HERE and come right back to read more about you!

In your birth chart, do you have:

Snake: Ah, when the Snake and Pig oppose each other, we will literally feel it ~ physically! Big month to be mindful of travelling, as hiccups and accidents are on your agenda. Watch out for washed-out roads, icy conditions and general interruptions to your plans ok! There will be change afoot, so how about you lean into this and go with the flow to get where you want to be…

Monkey: Interesting… dare I say there is some Monkey business going on… Sure I dare, it’s me, have we not met…?? This is still mostly about mobility, travelling and movement in general, but there is an emotional toll here, so be mindful of dipping into darker modes ok…

Pig:  Referred to as a self-penalty, it’s pretty self explanatory isn’t it… Seek help this month and layer in trusted advisors on all big decisions ~ it’s the only way you’ll navigate through this. Spoiler alert ~ you don’t know everything (!)

Tiger: This one is all about bad habits, so it’s time to ensure you create better ones this month! On the flip side, you can make some big changes and potentially destroy something that is blocking your path. You’ll find great allies ready to assist, and this is the perfect time to build your team!

Final Thoughts

You’ll peel back some emotional layers this month, there will be tears, there will be breakthroughs, and there will be growth.

Do not shy away from the emotions that will rise, and give yourself space to breathe deeper and expand your capacity.

November is simply a moment in time, approach it one day at a time, with trusted people by your side to stabilize your base.

You may feel like you are alone on an island with swirling water around you… but you’re not alone.

We are all finding out footing on the island, and if we stand together, no-one will get voted off.

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By Sam Plovie

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