October Feng Shui & Astrology Forecast: Who Let The Dogs Out?

Are we running free toward a new destination…? Is our world about to hit a wall?

Are we running free toward a new destination…? Is our world about to hit the reset button and begin our countdown into 2024…?

Ooh, them be big Q’s… it’s time we have a chat about what October is, and why so much will occur.

October is Ren Xu:

  • Ren is Yang Water
  • Xu is Dog

Dare I start with; “Who let the dogs out… woof woof”

Of course I dare, have we not met…?

Geesh, keep up peeps!

K, serious Sam back in the (dog) house ~ literally

I’ve been alluding to big changes coming this October month as it’s a clash with the 2024 year approaching, which I believe is super important.

While my colleagues are focusing on a big transition that occurs in December… I believe we get a sneak entry into 2024 this October …

When worlds collide: October’s explosive clash with 2024

Now technically, this Dog month has no major interaction with the 2023 Rabbit… but the October Dog and next year‘s Dragon do…

Ugh, I know, it’s more confusing than keeping up with the Kardashians!

If we stay purely inside October for a moment, things will progress exactly as the Dog wants.

Steady, a little edgy, some big barking, with a few bites around the ankles!

If we look at the bigger picture though, we got a lot goin’ on.

2024’s Dragon is a force to be reckoned with, he’s eager to take control and he’s set his sights on aggravating the Dog to get what he wants!

The Dog will put up a valiant fight and retain overall control… but the Dragon will be make his presence known.

October will unite groups that rally and stand up for what they believe in!

We will unite, it’s not just the Dog’s mantra to connect people, it’s inside the Hexagram for October. Yes, a bit of techy talk coz sometimes I need to draw on specifics.

People will champion the underdog, they’ll want to stand up to what isn’t right and put an end to power-plays.

The Dragon interaction will apply pressure to authority figures / leaders / governing bodies.

This won’t be quiet, the Dogs have been let out, and they’re gonna run wild as a pack and hunt down unsuspecting prey…

And yes, while their bark may be worse than their bite, do not underestimate what’s hidden in their bark and the fire of the Dragon’s breath.

What do I do this October Sam…?

You think carefully.

The idea of running with the pack will be very appealing, and the draw of uniting for a common goal even more so.


Make sure you pick your cause carefully.

It will be easy to join forces with the first loud bark you hear, or maybe the second, as there will be many barks to choose from…

Strikes and protests will increase, and while this is good for the people to have their say (you and I are those people) it can be dangerous as there is an underlying ‘fight / flight mode’ in all of this.

Things could escalate quickly and without provocation.

The quietest protest could become loud incredibly fast, and all I ask is for you to be aware of the group you join with, and of your surroundings.

It’s not all doom and gloom, it’s more about awareness and safeguarding yourself, then following through with what you believe in.

Is October really the gateway to 2024..?

Quick short answer no… thoughtful long answer... yes.

2024 is not only the beginning of a whole new timeline (Period 9) it is a major cosmos shift in its entirety.

Whether you believe in Astrology or not ~ this is happening peeps.

Period 9 draws on the Li Trigram of Fire, which is why we saw so much fire this year, it was making it’s presence known.

Things will simmer down as the Period 9 cycle settles in for the long haul, however fire will always be at the forefront of everything for the next 20 years.

Fire is passion, Metaphysics, electronics, AI, entertainment, speed, assertive and above all else; Female.

FYI ~ Stay tuned for my 2024 Podcast & Blog, it’s gonna be a zinger!

October will show us some of what’s to come, and this view will be disruptive, unifying, uncomfortable, exciting, chaotic, truthful.

Yes, it will open many a door, some of which will be great, some not so much…

My thoughts on this disruption…?

Take your hands off the wheel, and let the Universe show you what you need to see this month, and use the information to plan your entry into 2024.

You can choose to view the Dog as man’s best friend, or a mighty foe…

Choose friend.

You can bow to the advancing Dragon in fear, or graciously bow to honour.

Choose honour.

Alrighty, let’s switch gears and check out your home now ok!

4 Vital Feng Shui areas this October!

Feng Shui highlights two fab areas in your home for favourable outcomes this month!

  • Southwest ~ fab for clarity of thought, ideas and goal setting!
  • Southeast ~ this one is a bit pushy, so not for the feint of heart… if you dare to go after something… I dare you!

Time to balance this out, which areas are best to avoid then Sam?

  • Northwest ~ watch those obsessive tendencies of yours… they could cause a myriad of issues in many directions!
  • North ~ it’s all about the head; confusion, procrastination and some unease, so gain advice from trusted advisors for big decisions.

Keep in mind, you may not be able to avoid an area I speak to ~ I get that 100%. I ask you to become aware of the energy influences and do what you can in real time ok.

Your Astrology forecast for October!

Alrighty, let’s move into our horoscopes and see what’s hot and what’s not! Don’t know your Astrology Chart…? No problem, check it HERE and come right back to read more about you!

In your birth chart, do you have:

Dragon: … Ooh, it’s a month of big change for you where you’ll see a new direction formulate right before your very eyes. 2024 is Year of the Dragon, and for you my friend… stuff is about to occur, some of which may be uncomfortable to experience, but it’s where your growth will be!

Rooster: Take the time to centre yourself and focus on your needs, because if you overextend yourself for others, they’ll be ok, but you won’t. Be mindful of habits that no longer serve you… but feel good... ‘feel’ is not always right.

Goat & Ox:  Beware being backed into a corner that is a little shady… If you feel like a victim in something, step sideways and view it differently to find a productive way forward.

Goats: Have you been hiding behind something, a process, a person, or maybe a role you’ve been playing for a while…? Yeah, time to remove that and step out from your hiding place. This won’t be easy, you’ll need to proactively ‘destroy’ something… so get ready to make change in your life!

Rabbit: Phew… You’ve had a tough ride this year, and now the loyal Dog is here to give you a helping hand! True friends through thick and thin, this is a month of collaborations and assistance! Connect with the people you need, and you will get where you want to go. Yep, it can be that easy!

Will I be Ok this October…?

Of course the answer is YES ~ you always have free will and the power to create your environment.

Never, ever give control over to someone else, even me.

I am your guide on the side, showing the options / opportunities and you forever remain the decision-maker in your life.

You owe it to yourself to stay informed and use information intelligently; ignorance is never bliss when it comes to your life.

October is a month like any other, with ups and downs, trials and successes that will help you become the best version of yourself.

Do not be scared of the Dog, take him for a walk and allow him to lead you to new paths.

Let him paw at something buried you would have not seen as he is about to unearth a hidden treasure!

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By Sam Plovie

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