Open Day

Time to open a new door, find a new way maybe…?

Aha, a day that has a clue to it’s influential energy by way of default…

Are ya pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down here…?

An Open Day is a great day to open up and welcome good things to you ~ clearly a day to use strategically!

Maybe you are selling your home and need to get as many people to come as possible ~ an Open Day can help you with that!

How about that office party yo’ve been planning, the one designed to bring the team atmosphere back, but last time no-one attended…? Yep, an Open Day can cover that one too as it’s always sure to bring people to whatever you decide to open.

In China, they often choose an Open Day to return to work after the Chinese New Year, as it is considered an auspicious start to the work environment productively.

You may also use this day to sign contracts, with an open mind to what can be gleaned from such a new contract and potentials thereafter.

Another one I like to remind about is when you start a new job, kinda useful to use an Open Day as you are opening a new door for your life right.

Remember, when one door closes, another one Opens…. ?… oh I couldn’t resist that one!

Of key importance, the Open Day is one of the 12 Day Officers, and even though it’s a major force for the day, other factors are in position too.

Every day has an element and an animal working with this Day Officer; alas, we cannot say it’s always wonderful, as the element / animal may be an unfavourable provocateur….

For optimal results, I advise working with me on specific Date Selection personalized to your birth chart, with optimal results for the specific activity. It’s the only way to really knock it out of the ball park!

By Sam Plovie

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