QiMen Deities: The 9 Guardians of Your Destiny

Explore the ancient and powerful protective forces of 9 Guardian Deities in the mystical art of QiMen Dun Jia.

Did you know there are secret powers at work within your birth chart..?

These powers are Guardians bestowed upon you at birth, sent to assist you in times of need and guide you to your true potential.

Question is, do you know what / who yours is, and can you command it correctly..?

You will need to know your Qi Men Deity, so be sure to check in with your trusted professional to find out what yours is.. or maybe read ahead and see if you can figure out who is yours…?

Ooh, I do love a fun fact-finding mission!

Who Are The 9 QiMen Guardians?

1) Chief

Chief is the leader of the 10 Deities and has the ability to manifest almost any wish that you may have, pretty cool right! However, you must keep in mind that this manifestation can go both ways, positive and negative, so watch your thoughts as what you are thinking can become… best you make sure what becomes in reality is positive and fulfilling!

2) Nine Heaven

A powerful Deity that can help you visualize what is in your mind, and as long as your mind is clear with its thoughts, progression and goals, they will happen! There is a sense of foreseeing the future, with this one, and if you have Nine Heavens as your Guardian, you are often intuitive and gifted with the power of foresight. The important factor for this one though, is to clarify your thoughts and your internal vision so you can manifest what you seek and bring it to a conceptual actuality.

3) Nine Earth

Most often regarded as the Wealth God, there is actually much more to this Deity! It’s more an ability to attract business opportunities, property ventures and assets all while protecting the earth. If you are guided by the Nine Earth, you are likely quite concerned with giving back and protecting the world around you. Very much a helpful Deity, healing also comes into play and there is deep caring and responsibility with this one. Nice!

4) Great Moon

As the guardian of knowledge, this Deity is wise and will guide with integrity and a desire to learn and understand everything. The Great Moon is perfect for subconscious knowledge, and has the ability to translate hidden messages that may come in a visual, a sound or an occurrence. When you want to know something, you are wise to tap into the essence of the Great Moon.

5) Six Harmony

With this Deity behind you, you are a fabulous connector with people, and you are able to bring others together, network and build great relationships. Six Harmony is all about finding things, being connected with Time, Space, Event and Matter. Interesting adventures make for interesting relationships under this realm.

6) Black Tortoise

The first of the so called Dark Forces, this one is akin to Darth Vader because there is a power to access into the minds of other people… There is an ability to sense and feel how others think, and sometimes influence how others think. It’s almost like a download sequence, all you need to do is be close to someone and you can insert yourself into their thoughts. This can be detrimental though, as someone else’s darker thoughts can be downloaded to you, so be careful when you sense deep sadness and distance yourself from it when you sense it! A special side note, the Black Tortoise is the opposite of the Chief ~ ultimate powers, but on opposite ends of the spectrum…

7) Surging Snake

This one is actually the counterpart to the Nine Heavens and has the ability to control almost all the forces of nature. Interestingly enough, this can show as luck at times, like when you are looking for a parking spot, and find the last one. Or maybe that seat in the theatre, and voila, it appears right when you need it, when others think there are none left… There is a view that at a high performing level, this Deity can assist to move things out of your way, like traffic, or possibly weather-shifts so clearly this is a powerful force with the ability to influence nature ~ wowzers!

8) White Tiger

This Deity represents enormous stamina and energy, which transfers to our lives in so many ways: our relationships, thinking, work-life and our ability to love other people. Such energy can be harnessed to excel in sports as it can give you unlimited stamina. This can be seen in moments of disaster, or emergency situations when someone needs tremendous strength to move something heavy to save a life ~ this is the power of the White Tiger!

9) Red Phoenix

The Red Phoenix has the power of the spoken word, the ability to influence through verbal commands. In the ancient days, wizards and sorcerers were able to utter words to bring forth miracles… however you need to be careful what you say, because such words can become all powerful if uttered out-loud, both good and bad…. Especially important if you are wishing well to others, they will receive such well-wishes… but turn that around to a negative wish, and you could hurt others, so care is needed with this one!

10) Grappling Hook

This Deity governs the forces of past lives, future life and present life, so we can see, a broad spectrum of time! With a desire for knowledge, this Deity can somewhat hook onto an idea, a concept and may not let it go because of a deep-seated belief that it is 100% right. Such a strong belief can rally others to support its direction, and a very famous person with the initials D.T. has this Deity as his Guardian…. There can often be an ability to see past lives, they may experience de ja vu and feel they know things from the past, which can help them access past knowledge and experiences… They also have unlimited stamina and will keep getting back up when knocked down…

By Sam Plovie

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