September Feng Shui & Astrology Forecast: Which Way?

Get ready for our early rising Rooster to wake / shake us up onto our feet… summertime is over peeps!

Get ready for our early rising Rooster to wake / shake us up onto our feet… summertime is over peeps!

September 8 begins Xin You:

  • Xin is Yin Metal
  • You is Rooster

September is a ‘pure’ pillar, meaning it has no internal distractions, it’s pure Metal, all the way baby!

With such Metal purity comes clarity, decision-making, purpose, precision and drive.

This is not a sit-down, wait, order another latte kinda month for any of us.

If you’ve put off making a decision about something, you’ll make it this month.

If defining your purpose has eluded you, trust in the experiences you will have for their pivotal stamina.

A Rooster doesn’t sit still… and there is purpose within that strut!

Is September a clash month Sam…?

Yep, September’s Rooster is directly opposing the 2023 Rabbit, which means they are clashing.

Who wins in a clash…?


There is a hidden yin feel to all of this which means a lot of action wil be behind the scenes.

I like clashes, as they often release what is within, and help us break free of restraints placed upon us.

However, our world is a volatile place with economic instability, and our Rooster is eager to slash at what was, to reveal what could be.

Think of this like a cut on your finger, when blood flows freely it actually cleanses the wound and begins its own healing process.

Clash means change, and this one is likely to have a painful moment or two, and you’ll need to push through and lick your wounds later.

Oh, and those wounds may not be as deep as you think they will be, so stop avoiding whatever it is that needs to be done and ‘get ‘er done’

What will we feel ..?




Romantically dreamy…

We can never forget that the Rooster rules the roost, and has quite the harem of clucking chickens all eager for attention…

Tap into September’s charismatic feel and schmooze your way into the places you want to be.

This is not necessarily the month for gargantuan steps, the Metal of September is… nimble.

Is Mercury Retrograde an issue in September?

Yes and no.

Yes we are in full Retrograde swing, but things are shifting in our favour.

Well have the ability to redirect our attention, realign our focus and actually move in a new direction.

Retrograde is always determined to go backwards, however this one is trying to help you. READ MORE ABOUT MERCURY RETROGRADE HERE

Your steps may be sideways rather than forward, and that’s ok.

Crabs step sideways and they are clever little creatures that can go undetected and end up where they wanna go.

Sometimes the way forward is different than first thought…

What are the best actions to take this September?

Speak your truth decisively.

Do not worry your truth may hurt, disappoint, shock or irritate others.

If you continue hiding your truth, you continue to hurt, disappoint, shock and irritate yourself.

Use the precision inside our Rooster to cut through the crap you’ve built around yourself.

I get you thought it was a protective layer, but in truth it wasn’t.

What do I need to avoid in September?

High expectations.

There is an incremental feel to September, as our Rooster likes to peck at things and scratch the surface.

Some scratches may hurt this month, they may reveal something you would have preferred to keep hidden…

Not to be my friend, you need to feel this to realise it’s not the big issues you thought it was…

Alrighty, let’s switch gears and check out your home now ok!

4 Feng Shui Areas to Use Carefully This September!

Now let’s move into some Feng Shui and highlight two fab areas in your home for favourable outcomes this month!

  • North ~ favourable for financial gains, salary increase, sales and recognition!
  • East ~ is where Septembers’ direct cash flow is, so ensure this area is tidy ~ particularly good for real estate moves!

Time to balance this out, which areas are best to avoid then Sam?

  • West ~ scammy feel around money… beware issues with promises that cannot be kept and potential legal entanglements.
  • Northwest ~ potential to butt heads and disagree over who is in charge!

Keep in mind, you may not be able to avoid an area I speak to ~ I get that 100%. I ask you to become aware of the energy influences and do what you can in real time ok.

Your Astrology Forecast for September

Alrighty, let’s move into our horoscopes and see what’s hot and what’s not! Don’t know your Astrology Chart…? No problem, check it HERE and come right back to read more about you!

In your birth chart, do you have:

Rabbit: This one may hurt a bit… sorry, guess I could have sugar-coated that, but this is the month to speak your truth right! To some degree, it’s only a clash, which means change. The tougher bit is you won’t necessarily like this change… please just go with it.

Dog: Ever have one of those days when stuff just doesn’t go your way…? Yeah, this is gonna be one of those multiple days… How you handle this to come out on top, is you lower expectations so others can exceed them, including yourself. Take that powerful foot off the throttle this month and coast for a bit please.

Rooster:  Referred to as a self-penalty, it’s pretty self explanatory isn’t it… Seek help this month and layer in trusted advisors on all big decisions ~ it’s the only way you’ll prevent sabotaging yourself!

Rat: This one is all about bad habits, so it’s time to ensure you create better ones this month! On the flip side, can you make some big changes and potentially destroy something that is blocking your path..? Maybe..

Dragon: Ah… True friends through thick and thin, this is a month of collaborations and assistance! Connect with the people you need, and you will get where you want to go. Yep, it can be that easy!

Final Thoughts on September…

We’re in the Fall Season Metaphysically speaking, which means a time of strengthening our core. Just like the plants die down and send all their energy into their roots in preparation for winter, we are wise to do the same.

This doesn’t mean binge on Netflix and eat hearty soup.

It means send the energy into yourself, feed your soul, feed your desries, your career, your ideas.

Allow the Rooster to pick its way through your life and toss out what doesn’t belong, leaving you with kernels of goodness to devour.

Remember, life is what you make it, so make it count for what you believ in!

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By Sam Plovie

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