Should I buy a house with a lucky address number?

The decision to buy a house with a ‘lucky’ house number ultimately depends on your belief in luck…

Interesting question… and it will depend on what you consider to be lucky?

The decision to buy a house with a ‘lucky’ house number ultimately depends on your belief in luck and your personal preferences.

Some people believe that a lucky house number can bring positive energy and good fortune, while others may not put much importance on it.

Some people believe that an unlucky house number can bring negative energy and disaster, and put a lot of importance on it...

It’s worth noting that a house’s number is just one factor to consider when purchasing a property.

Factors such as location, size, price, Feng Shui principles and overall condition must also be taken into account.

The real question is; what is your belief around lucky numbers…?

Are there specific lucky numbers for my house…?

Different cultures and belief systems have varying opinions on whether certain house numbers are luckier than others.

For example, in Chinese culture, the number 8 is associated with wealth and good fortune, and some homebuyers even applied to change their address to include an 8!

Whereas the number 4 is considered unlucky because its pronunciation is similar to the word for “death,” and some homebuyers won’t even consider a 4 in their address.

If we list lucky numbers using Chinese Metaphysics as a backdrop, we would see:

  • 8 is current wealth and prosperity
  • 9 is emerging wealth and prosperity
  • 1 is distant wealth and prosperity
  • 6 is leadership, clarity and purpose

Does that make all the other numbers unlucky then…?

Do you need to move because your address is ‘wrong’ or missing one of these numbers…?


Remember this is a belief system; it’s far more important to choose a house for its location, investment potential, positive Feng Shui and personal lifestyle alignment

Does my house address need to have a 9 in it to be lucky?

Eastern influence suggests the emergence of number 9 as a lucky number.

Now technically, 9 has always been a good number, it was simply shadowed by number 8.

This is because we are transitioning to a new moment in time called ‘Period 9’ which is a 20 year block of time between 2024 – 2044.

During this time, number 9 becomes the lead, the Universal CEO per se, and will override number 8’s power.

8 is still good, is the ultimate symbol for infinity and represents longevity and happiness… but the financial prowess will move to number 9 now..energeticall.

Do I need to change my house number in 2024?

Homeowners influenced by Asian culture, or living spiritually may apply to change their house number, or sell their home if it doesn’t have a 9 in it.

But let’s keep this realistic and scientifically sound.

You don’t need to do that.

A house number cannot dictate luck in any way.

However, the change to this Period 9 is real with a scientific foundation and it will have an affect on homes, but not because of their house number having / not having a 9 in it.

Does Feng Shui have a lucky house number?

Feng Shui is the art and science of understanding how the environment affects you, and THIS is where the change will be felt, not in the address.

Inside Feng Shui, the numbers 9 and 1 are becoming energetically prosperous and 8 is declining and losing its authoritative position.

This means it’s extremely important to assess the Feng Shui of your home to ensure it has access to the new prosperous Feng Shui energy, which is nothing to do with the house address.

Ultimately, the perception of lucky or unlucky house numbers is subjective and will vary based on your beliefs and personal experiences.

Follow your instincts on what resonates with you, and continue to learn about other cultures and their significance to your home sale / purchase, as it may give you the advantage you are looking for as markets shift to buyers favour…

And if you’re looking to purchase a prosperous Feng Shui home, come find me here, and let’s align you to your best future!

By Sam Plovie

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