Simple Steps to Feng Shui Your Garden

Can the garden around your home affect what happens inside your home..?

Is there a way to bring harmony to your garden and enhance the wellbeing and happiness of all who live in your home…?

Yes, and it’s way easier than you think ?

Feng Shui is not rocket science ~ simply put it is the art and science of how the environment affect you.

With that in mind, it is logical that we consider the exterior foliage and whether it enhances your environment or detracts from it…

There is no point living in a beautiful home if what surrounds you is ugly, and what surrounds you closely is most often your garden right!

Right ?

Think of it like this: if your garden is full of stinky garbage, I don’t care how nice your countertops are, every time you open a window you’re going to smell that stinky garbage!

Ok, now you’re getting it aren’t you…

Is Feng Shui Form or Function in a garden?


As a Feng Shui Consulting Professional assessing your home, my first view is to the real landforms around you, which are the mountains, rivers, buildings & roads as these will cultivate the qi that comes toward you.

Then I look at the area surrounding your actual home, as that traveling Qi from those mountains and rivers is now making its way to your doorstep and we want a positive journey.

Functionality does play a huge role, but not really in the assessment of the Feng Shui as that is naturally occurring. Functionality is more about how we use the space once I identify the Feng Shui.

Form and function need to work together in harmony.

Can the garden Feng Shui affect what occurs inside the home Feng Shui?


Next we look inside your home to see how that same Qi is entering, circulating & collecting, as that will have a tremendous effect on your wellbeing.

The inside of the home is where many place their attention, but if you have not evaluated the exterior forms first… you’ve missed a most important part!

Ok, now let’s step back outside and look at your garden.

Does size really matter in Feng Shui?

Oh, there are so many answers that come to mind on that one… but how about we stick with gardening for now ok ?

Whether your garden is large, small, fenced or container-pots on a balcony, you need to focus your attention there first.

Your garden is actually easy, even if you don’t have a professional consultant yet, there is much you can do by yourself!

Top Tips to Feng Shui Your Garden!

  • Remove all dead shrubs – especially dead or decaying trees!
  • Remove garbage – old appliances, recycling, cars, old tires etc
  • Create meandering pathways with curved flower beds, walkways & flowerpots
  • Celebrate with colourful flowers – nature does this naturally and so should you!
  • Hang bird feeders around the yard – encourage those songbirds
  • Grow plants that encourage naturally healing insects – gotta love those ladybugs!
  • Keep any water feature you have incredibly clean… and I do mean clean!
  • Seek professional advice on water feature placement – yes it does matter!
  • Check with a professional for large structures like Pergolas – there will be an optimum placement
  • Encourage good relations with your neighbours – they affect your Qi too
  • Get your hands dirty – connect with Mother Earth at her elementary level.. Aaah!
  • Be in your garden, spend time there, unwind there – take time to smell the roses…
  • Take your shoes off, really feel the earth and ground yourself…. yeah, that’s it!

The environment you surround yourself with can either generate you or deplete you;  

Which would you prefer..?

Whatever style of garden you have, spread the love around outside and you will see how it enhances the love inside.

Are Water Features Dangerous Feng Shui?

They can be ?‍

Water features are activators of Qi, incredibly powerful activators that can cultivate both positive and negative outcomes.

Yes, I can understand that may sound scary, but it needn’t be ~ I’m simply being clear that you need to know this as there is more to water features than meets your eye…

Placed correctly, they can enhance love, wisdom and wealth.

Placed incorrectly, they can decrease health, communication and wealth.

My closing thoughts for your garden Feng Shui

Get close to your garden, spend time there and feel it out as it will tell you what it needs, if you simply allow yourself to hear.

Yes, the placement of your pergola and water fountain are best curated by me, but you can do a lot before ‘Sam’ walks along your garden path.

Fill your garden with beauty, and let the beauty naturally enhance the Qi and you will feel the love, in oh so many ways my friends…

By Sam Plovie

The Ultimate Guide By Your Side ~ QiPro Sam helps you remove the barriers that sabotage your success so you can live life at full potential

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