Stable Day

A day to help you gain a solid footing, and build toward a long-term successful future!

It’s important to look at a Stable Day and understand this is a foundational day, it will help you have solid footing for a long-term goal.

Stable doesn’t necessarily bring about fast results, as the name implies, it’s ‘stable’ which is more ‘stand-still’ orientated.

However, once you understand that a solid foundation is incredibly useful, you can tap into a Stable Day and make things happen.

Such a day is useful for marriage for example, as you want a long union, with a solid footing based on love and understanding right.

You can also use this for a long-term partnership agreement if your goal is to work with this partner for many, many years. If you are after a short-term partnership… not so useful as it will be infused with a longevity aspect.

Opening a business can be great on a Stable Day, and if you are hiring important members of staff, you’ll likely find good ones interviewing on this day.

Can a Stable Day help with medical needs…?

To a degree yes, if you are looking for a long-term cure, you may start that process today, just remember, it’s long-term, not short, so the cure may not show itself right away, but it has potential to be ‘the’ cure for long-term ok.

Oh, and if you are about to start a project, great if you love the project and want to spend many hours on it… Not so great if you want to just get it done and move on asap.

Got the jist of a Stable Day…?


Of key importance, the Stable Day is one of the 12 Day Officers, and even though it’s a major force for the day, other factors are in position too.

Every day has an element and an animal working with this Day Officer; alas, we cannot say it’s always wonderful, as the element / animal may be an unfavourable provocateur….

For optimal results, I advise working with me on specific Date Selection personalized to your birth chart, with optimal results for the specific activity. It’s the only way to really knock it out of the ball park!

By Sam Plovie

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