Success Day

Is this your lucky day… what can you make happen today?

Ooh, one of my absolute fav days is this Success one, as it pretty much has success written all over it ?

Starting a new endeavour on a Success Day can bring about a positive outcome and get you off to a good start!

Of course there are interactions with your birth chart, so there will be fluctuations on the level of success, and of course, your actions…

In general, Success means Success, so get out there and go get you some!

Success Days can be used for marriage proposals, marriage, sourcing medical advice, new construction, moving into a home… the list is actually endless, and I think you get the jist right?

Success Days can enhance your activity’s success ratio, and if this is an auspicious day for you personally, well then, aren’t you the lucky one today!

A little heads-up to add to the equation here… Success days bring you more of what you begin on such a day, so not beneficial for negative activities like a lawsuits, divorce proceedings, etc., as you want those to end right, not continue coming to you… ?

Of key importance, the Success Day is one of the 12 Day Officers, and even though it’s a major force for the day, other factors are in position too.

Every day has an element and an animal working with this Day Officer; alas, we cannot say it’s always wonderful, as the element / animal may be an unfavourable provocateur….

For optimal results, I advise working with me on specific Date Selection personalized to your birth chart, with optimal results for the specific activity. It’s the only way to really knock it out of the ball park!

By Sam Plovie

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