Tell Me, What Exactly Are You Waitin’ For…?

Enough sitting on the sidelines ~ kick it into gear!

We all have desires, ideas and goals… so how come we are often sitting on the sidelines cheering someone else on then…?

What exactly are we waiting for…?

The questions really becomes:

“Are you a trendsetter, or a trend-follower…?”

I was just recalling when I asked my talented daughter Spencer to create a new banner for something I was doing, and the tag line was ‘Lead, follow, or get out of the way!

I remember her cool glance toward me as she said “Isn’t that a bit harsh Mum, are you sure you want to say that..?

I smirked, inwardly chuckled, quietly replying “Yes Spencer, I am sure.”

You see, if you don’t fully read that sentence, it looks rather abrupt, and yet truly, it is not.

Are you a leader..? Ok ~ then lead.

Are you a follower..? Ok ~ then follow.

Pretty simple concept right.

Both are great and can be equally successful: they are not the issue. The challenge lies in the remaining words…..

Do not stand in the way of those who wish to lead, and do not block the way of those who wish to follow.


I promised I would no longer speak to the need for change, heaven knows I’ve preached it enough over the years! All I wish for you to know, is that now you need to choose which plans go into action.

You’ve done the preparation, you’ve cleared the way, you’ve removed obstacles, so nothing is stopping you right – except maybe…


The last few years took me inward, and I bet a few of you also. I hunkered down, attended to matters that needed my focus, and cleared the way to my great future by removing the blockages that kept holding me back.

My fears had become too strong, which is quite interesting as I am very strong for others, but had allowed myself to be weakened in the wake of others’ opinions.


In my spiritual studies, there is a quote that recently stood out for me “Do not cherish others opinions

I am curious, do you see what is in this quote, as it is not what it seems at first glance…?

The key is not to cherish others opinions.

Do not bring their opinions into your heart; do not allow their thoughts to become your focus, as they are only opinions, and quite often I find negative opinions come from very opinionated people.

Such people most often want to make a point, quite often with a pointedly wagging finger…

Tell me ~ what do you think you should do with such a finger..? ?

Of course, I highly advocate listening to what others wisely say, hear their experienced words, heed their life-lived advice, but stay away from their cherished opinions please!

Be your authentic self, and you will always have the best advice, right at your fingertips…

No more reading for you, time for action, after all, like Gwen says: what’cha waitin’ for....?

Take a chance, ‘coz you might grow…

By Sam Plovie

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