The Future Is Female ~ Get Used To It!

If you’re looking to expand your company, invest in a startup, harmonize your group ~ hire more women.

If you’re looking to expand your company, invest in a startup, harmonize your group ~ hire more women.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for men and women, side by side, equally different, equally important, equally powerful…

But the truth of the matter is…

You need to understand why the future is female!

There I said it, so deal with it.

And if you think I’m just spouting off on some women’s lib thingy…

Think again.

There is a highly technical reason for this blog, and it’s not to empower women ‘just because‘ it’s to get the world ready for the powerful women that are taking charge.

Yep, that’s right ~ we have a major power shift underway that culminates in 2024.

Why is the future female…?

Dare I say; “because I said so…”

Ok, ok, let me back this up with information so you get the big picture.

We move through time in 20 year increments, known as ‘Periods.’

Each period has a number; 1 of 9.

Each number has a unique identity, gender, name, element and is part of a family, just like you and I are.

We are currently in a period of 8, known as ‘Gen.’

Gen represents a young boy, an inexperienced boy who needs time to grow.

His inexperience at the helm has cost us, his tantrums have hurt us but we have had fun with his playfulness.

Every playtime has to come to an end…

Gen took charge in 2004, and hands power over to one of his sisters in 2024, where we fall under the guidance of: “Period 9 ~ Li.”

Li is female, she is not the youngest sister (that would be 7 ~ Dui) or the oldest sister (that would be 2 ~ Kun) she is the one in the middle.

Kind’ve like Goldilocks and the 3 bears… ?‍♀️

Why does it matter who leads the future…?

I so love your curiosity and dare I say, naiveté… ?

There is always a leader, no matter where you are, what you’re doing, someone or something is the beacon you follow, the line you walk, the words you listen to.

As Li takes power, she shifts our consciousness into her own and reshapes our mindset, goals, actions and even our dreams.

She will lead us away from the spoilt behaviour of Gen ~ as the youngest son in the family, he doesn’t know any better…

His sense of entitlement grew, as he has grown, but he’ll never be the eldest son, or the middle son; he will always be the youngest, over-indulged son.

He expects everything his way, when he wants it, how he wants it.

Sound familiar…?

What does this female power shift mean to us…?


We’re moving from an entitled, indulgent period of time where a young male mindset stalked the dark halls of power and women were often playthings with no voice.

As Li takes command in 2024, she brings a light to those dark hallowed halls and holds a beacon high for other women to follow.

She is not an unruly teenager, or an overbearing mother ~ she is just right.

Li will use her voice purposefully, powerfully, brilliantly.

Why do we need to change in 2024…?

No matter what your religious, spiritual, non-binary or other beliefs are, we are mere mortals living under the guidance of time and space.

Time and space shifts, and the move from little boy to purposeful woman is perfect.

If you fight it, decide you can overrule what time and space has in play; you’ll fail.

If you lean into this, embrace ‘Li’ you will grow exponentially.

It’s an easy choice. To transition into your best future, you must embrace this approaching female lead.

Underestimate her, push back on her leadership, deny her… she’ll crush you.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya ?‍♀️

The future is female.

By Sam Plovie

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