The Power Of Goodbye ~ Unplug Negative Sources

We have ultimate power within us, yet for some reason we often plug into the wrong resource outlet

We have ultimate power within us, yet for some reason we often plug into the wrong resource outlet ~ a situation that creates dangerous power surges and often causes a burn!

The power I reference here can be the internal voice that speaks to your very soul, insight that propels your business forward, or that resilient stance that keeps your head high when the chips are down….

Whatever it is, never forget that such power is yours to generate, no-one else’s!

So how come you’re still on the sidelines, ideas un-launched and saying ‘yes‘ once again to those who take advantage of you…?

Because you are not being honest with yourself and speaking up….

The problem with not saying goodbye…

Many fear saying goodbye, scared of what door they are closing, what friendship they are ending or what they could be missing if they leave the room…?

I think you have this goodbye thing all wrong.

When you say goodbye, you are not;

  • closing a door ~ you are opening new ones
  • losing a friend ~ you are cultivating the right ones
  • missing out ~ you are stepping in!

To say hello to your best life, you must say goodbye to your old one first!

Whether confidence, fealty or plain ‘ole stubbornness be the root of hanging-on, time to face the music; open your heart, learn the lessons of experience and embrace the power of saying goodbye.

Want an example..? Perfect, I have a two for you!

1. Me first:

For many years I tried to fit others’ expectations of what I should be, how my business should run, and help a group that didn’t understand, want or love me. I continually offered my help, fealty and love, and continually got shot-down, rejected and bruised.

I kept trying because I loved them so much; clearly they hadn’t heard my voice and didn’t understand the value of what I was offering right..?


2. Now let’s look at you:

As we navigate this newly evolving world, are you hanging on valiantly to what was, to how you did things, to how it’s always been done…?

How’s that workin’ out for ya…?

As we begin to emerge into the daylight, pick up the pieces (very slowly) of our homes, business and every morsel of our lives, we have to say a massive goodbye to how it was.

If we continue to plug into old outlets, old resources that are now outdated ~ we’ll simply burnout and run out of umph ~ I don’t want you to run out of umph!

For my part, the people I was hanging on to, listening to, following their mandate ~ they were my lesson I had to learn, and I was their fortress they had to burn.

I was the problem for staying connected with them and I ask you not to make the same mistake.

Sure, I was scared to close and then lock those doors, and I am sure you will be too.

Don’t be ~ if we can come out of COVID19, I’m pretty sure we can overcome your hurdles too.

The moral in sharing this story?

When we hold on to the wrong things, whether people, places or actions, we become the problem for enabling our stunted growth and pain, not the people, places or actions.

Learn to say goodbye to what is not working in your life, so you can say hello to what can!

Geesh ~ do I really need to spell this out for you…?

Well, alrighty then….

By Sam Plovie

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