Time To Shake If Off ~ And Swiftly!

The Universe has a unique ability to send you what you need each year. It may not be what you want, I assure you it is what you need.

The Universe has a unique ability to send you what you need each year, and while it may not be what you want, I assure you it is what you need.

I have often spoken to the phrase every cloud has a silver lining, which simply references that some lessons are harder than others to learn… but they are invariably all good lessons if you look closely and read between the lines.

As an entrepreneur, one of the toughest areas is self-doubt, self-blame, and that all time favourite: Impersonator syndrome….

While I wholeheartedly support ownership of ones’ actions, I do not support the negative self-blame-game: it simply has no place in business or in your life.

You cannot control what others think of you, however you can control what you think of yourself!

If you seek success, then simply be your authentic self, nothing more, nothing less.

Let go of whatever drags you down, whether that be procedures, people or negative chatter.

As a visionary, my mind is often working overtime and most definitely ahead of it’s time, and over the last few years I had many inaccurate comments spoken about me…

  • I don’t know what I’m doing…
    • wanna bet… try me ?
  • I’m not Asian
    • seriously, you only just noticed this…?
  • I remake the moves, I’m a rebel without a cause
    • oh no… I have a cause and it’s awesome!
  • My training is not good enough
    • haha, are we still on that stupid point... ?‍♀️
  • I’m not authentically or original
    • hello, have we not met… do keep up ~ there’s only one QiPro Sam!

I didn’t like it, who would, and at first I absorbed everything and took on their negative thoughts, and had to go within to my spiritual self to stand tall.

One of my biggest Aha moments though, came from a young lady by the name of Taylor as she cheekily looked straight into the camera (and at me) and sang out the words I clearly needed to hear.

I’m gonna shake it off…. what are you going to do..?

By Sam Plovie

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