What if I Don’t Like My Face?

Your face tells an amazing story, with you as the principal lead!

Everyone has that moment, where we pause in front of the mirror, just a tad longer than necessary, to look deeply into the corner of an eye, a wrinkle above our brow, or that mark to the left of our mouth…

Do these marks mean something… are they bad, is there something wrong with my face, is there something wrong with me…?

Great questions, and first things first, let’s firmly close the door on something:

You have the face you are supposed to have!

Those wrinkles, that slightly upturned nose, the delicate chin, and even the mole above your right eyebrow, are all you, and you are marvellous, exactly as you are!

The ancient art of Chinese Face Reading (known as Mian Xiang) is the ability to understand and interpret the qualities of a person by reading the structure of their face.

It provides an intricate map with a detailed landscape, and like any good map, it has rivers, mountains, compass locations, and elemental components. These all connect to showcase the person inside, and are the real McCoy.

If we consider the time factor, we can see how much the face changes over a lifetime, and this is exactly as it should be.

  • We have cherubic babies, with their cute giggly mouths, large foreheads, and a wide-eyed brightness.
  • As we move through adolescence, the face begins to thin, our eyes and forehead fall into proportion with our body, and a sense of confidence comes forth.
  • These changes continue throughout our mid-life all the way to our senior years.

Every experience we live through, slightly changes our face, as we ourselves are changed by life experience.

Some will ask, what comes first: the experience to be etched on our face, or the face that provides us our experiences..?

I say it is both.

The map of your face will clearly show specifics of how your life is to be, and yet, it is like a magical map that changes with time, just as if Harry Potter himself had waved his magic wand. Thankfully, I’ve yet to see a lightning scar on someone’s forehead…

In today’s fast moving world of social media, we are bombarded by images of so called perfection, and this has caused us to consider ourselves, and our face, to be imperfect.

This is all wrong, we are each to walk a path of our own destiny, and our face will help us do exactly that, warts ‘an all.

Our face is an outward reflection of who we are inside, and it is important to understand that to change the exterior, we must do it from within.

No amount of plastic surgery can alter a person’s character, it simply will not work. They may look amazingly beautiful, with a complexion and structure Aphrodite would be proud of… but if they are not of the same quality within.. the face will change, as it knows what it is supposed to be.

Learn to be at peace with your face, it is an incredible asset to you, in more ways than you may ever understand…

By Sam Plovie

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