What is The Chinese Zodiac..?

So much more than 12 cute animals, it has the power to……

The Chinese Zodiac is basically parallel to the Western Zodiac with it’s “12” components:

12 Western Zodiacal Months = 12 Chinese Animals

In Western Astrology, you are defined by your month of birth, and are either an Aries, Gemini etc, and you can read more about those HERE

Whichever Astrology arena interests you, these 12 aspects are descriptive markers of time, and have evolved into a thriving business, as we all love to learn about who we are right!

Known professionally as Sheng Xiao, the Chinese Zodiac is based on a 12 year revolution, and each revolution connects with an element too.

There are effectively 5 Chinese Elements:

  1. Water
  2. Wood
  3. Fire
  4. Earth
  5. Metal

The 12 animals connect closely with the 5 elements, and we end up with a 60 year cycle for a full revolution.

For example, you can be born year of the Water Dragon, or Year of the Wood Dragon ~ and they are different, so understanding this interwoven connection is crucial for a correct Astrology analysis.

This revolving cycle covers years, months, days and even hours – although hours actually move into 2 hour segments each. For example, 4pm can be referred to as Shen Hour (Monkey Hour 3pm – 5pm) as each Chinese animal has a 2 hour affiliation in the 24 hours of the day.

There are many thoughts as to the origin of the 12 Animals – One interesting tale suggests that when Buddha was crossing over to Nirvana, he called the animal kingdom to his side, alas, only 12 animals arrived.

As they came to him, their arrival was recorded, and this sequential order was realized:

  1. Rat (Zi)
  2. Ox (Chou)
  3. Tiger (Yin)
  4. Rabbit (Mao)
  5. Dragon (Chen)
  6. Snake (Si)
  7. Horse (Wu)
  8. Goat (Wei)
  9. Monkey (Shen)
  10. Rooster (You)
  11. Dog (Xu)
  12. Pig (Hai)

If we view the 12 Animals in visual format, we can see a clock-face connection, where Horse is 11am – 1pm, Rooster is 5pm – 7pm, Rat is 11pm – 1am next day, and all the way through.

Your birth chart will have up to a maximum of 4 of the 12 Chinese Animals, or less if some double-up.

Each animal provides specific skills, characteristics and views that will be imprinted upon you at birth, and will forever shape who you are…

Where these animals appear in your birth chart (birth date) will have great meaning over specific areas of your life, and interact with each year uniquely.

This is why some years are better for you than others, as the Chinese Animal leading the year (2020 is Year of the Rat, 2021 will be Year of the Ox) and your personal animals will interact with the year.

As a Chinese Astrologer, I work closely with my clients, and encourage you to also, as Annual Updates that help you understand how to navigate the year ahead, are vital for your success.

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There is talk of a 13th animal in the Chinese Zodiac, a Cat, who was tricked by the clever Rat, and lost his place by Buddha’s side…

.and some say this is why Cats chase Rats to this day.

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