What is the I Ching And How Do I Use It..?

Referred to as ‘The Book of Changes’ it is an integral part of fortuitous…..

The I Ching (Yi Jing) is most commonly referred to as the Book of Changes, and is an integral part of divination and fortuitous readings.

If we break the words themselves down, we have:

  • I / Yi – means to change
  • Ching / Jing – means book, or in the old days

The concept is that a person asks a question, and the Universe provides direction.

Traditionally, yarrow stalks were used, and today you can use matchsticks, yarrow, some people use dice, pretty much anything that will create a pattern will work.

You hold the yarrow stalks in your hand, throw them down on a table, and see what pattern they make.

The pattern is translated into Yin and Yang lines, which in turn build a Hexagram.

What is a Hexagram?

A Hexagram is simply a collection of 6 horizontal lines, portrayed in a columnar fashion, one atop each other, and read sequentially from the bottom up.

There are 64 Hexagrams with incredible information buried within the 6 lines, and it’s not an easy task to translate what was written many years ago into today’s modern world.

The key factor in all of this, is understanding that a question must be asked in a specific way.

This is akin to Qi Men Dun Jia, which is another system of forecasting with questions and your birthdate.

This type of forecasting will show the way, the journey if you will, not necessarily the destination.

How do you ask questions of the I Ching?

It is not something that suits a Yes or No answer, it is more about how it can be achieved.

Rather than “will I be rich?” you could ask “what areas do I need to get skilled at to generate more wealth?”

Or, “will I get married?” could be approached with a “what areas of myself can I develop to attract a long-term partner?”

Can you see how this works?

Life is never a yes or a no, it’s a journey.

Do you need to meditate to ask a question of the I Ching?

Yes… and no.

Such a process requires a clear and steady mind, calm focus and genuine intent.

The Universe is always listening, always ready to respond, we’re the ones with the busy life signal interrupting the flow of things…

Can a person circumvent the calmness and meditative state best suited to asking an important question of the Universe..?

If you are not ready to listen, do not ask a question. What you put out is what you receive back, and if you’re flustered when you ask… you’ll receive an equally flustered directive.

Can I use an app to ask the I Ching a question?

You know me, I’m gonna say it how it is…

No, you cannot use an app.

Sometimes gadgets are not the latest and greatest, and if you really want to know something, you need to trust that the Universe will communicate with you in an easy way, no internet connection required…

Now, full disclosure here, when I first started my journey into the I Ching, I downloaded an app that said it did it all…

Yeah, ’bout that…

If you want to tap into the Universe for eternal guidance that is the most wise and thought-provoking advice you can ever achieve… you need to do it the old fashioned way.

One person to one Universe.

Ask and ye shall receive.

And if by chance you feel you didn’t get an answer…

That is your answer.

I will leave you to ponder this with your capable mind, and wise thinking ability…

By Sam Plovie

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