What is the Yi Jing And How Do I Use It..?

Referred to as ‘The Book of Changes’ it is an integral part of fortuitous…..

The Yi Jing, or I Ching, is most commonly referred to as the Book of Changes, and is an integral part of divination and fortuitous readings.

If we break the words themselves down, we have:

  • Yi – means to change
  • Jing – means book, or in the old days, canon

The concept is that a person can ask a question, and the Universe will provide direction.

In olden days, yarrow stalks were used to create a pattern, and that pattern is transferred to Yin and Yang lines to build a Hexagram.

A Hexagram is simply a collection of 6 lines, portrayed in a column fashion, one atop each other, and read sequentially.

The key factor in all of this though, is understanding that a question must be asked in a specific way. This is akin to Qi Men Dun Jia, as it will show the way, the journey if you will, not necessarily the destination.

It is not something that suits a Yes or No answer, it is more about how it can be achieved.

Such a process requires a clear and steady mind, calm focus and genuine intent.

Can a person circumvent the calmness and meditative state best suited to asking an important question of the Universe by using an app..?

I do not believe so, or recommend you rely on such modern technology… Sometimes gadgets are not the latest and greatest, and if you really want to know something, you need to trust that the Universe will communicate with you in an easy way, no internet connection required…

Hmm… what do you think…?

I will leave that in your capable mind, and wise thinking ability… ?

By Sam Plovie

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