What Was The Secret Factor That Bought This House?

Buying a home in this crazy fast market is so challenging; you’ve got to be first in line, no conditions and with extra $$’s in hand to submit an over-asking offer!

Buying a home in this crazy fast market is so challenging; you’ve got to be first in line, no conditions and with extra $$’s in hand to submit an over-asking offer!

It seems impossible right!

How to use Feng Shui to help clients buy the best home!

I align clients to the home that is right for them. I use my extensive skills to ensure their investment is protected and their life goals met ~ but I’ve been put to the test these last 12 months!

I’ve literally run from listing to listing ~ often being outpaced by it all!

I’ve had to advise clients to put an offer in with none of the normal conditions and we’ve only been able to add ‘Sam’ as a condition sometimes.

Yep, we’ve gone in blind and I’ve had to undo a few contracts let me tell you… ?

What is your personal Astrology & Feng Shui connection to a home

I recall this one client early on in 2021, in fact, it was a group purchase, some friends working together and they were super excited as I gave the big thumbs up for their first choice and off they trotted into the sunset with a deal in hand.

until it all fell apart as someone ‘hijacked’ their offer over a technicality ?

They had tears, I had tears, we all had tears…

The house was almost perfect ~ yet snatched away inside 72 hrs and everyone was devastated…

No amount of ‘positive Sam vibes’ could override their loss… but I held firm and quoted a famous saying from my Mum: “What’s for you won’t go by you…”

We regrouped, licking a few wounds and agreed ~ onwards and upwards in the property search we would go!


“Sam we need you ‘now‘ ~ we’ve found another home and have to put an offer in right this minute”

Um, ok, no pressure then… ?

How Feng Shui can help you secure your home purchase

As a team, we activate; they get me all the info, floor plans, build dates etc and I jump into action remotely (no time to go onsite) and provide my recommendation within a few hours.

Yep, they once again chose well, it was another thumbs up (seriously, most of my clients don’t strike it hot like this!)

The offer went in.

The offer was accepted.

Phew… ??

Ah… but my story doth not end here... there’s more…

Was there a hidden Feng Shui / Astrology factor in this deal?

Were they drawn to this house for a specific reason; which in some ways was better than the first…?

Was there a reason they bought this house over many, many others they could have chosen…?

Oh aren’t you the clever one, yes indeed there was something afoot, something bigger than any of us mere mortals…

One of the trio had used some visualization techniques as they began their search. She was preparing to move across the country and packed her belongings into a storage container way before any homes were viewed.

At the time, she hadn’t paid attention to the storage container; it was simply safe and convenient, so she locked it all up and walked away. However, it was a big storage place, so she decided to take a photo (smart girl) to remind herself of the precise location of her container.

Did you know storage containers have numbers…?

Houses do too…

Her storage container #795 IS the house #795 they purchased ~ predestined months before they’d even logged into MLS.

WOW right!

Yep ~ Big Wow!

Sometimes you set your life in motion way before you’ve even collected your thoughts…

They reached out to me because of a chance encounter many months before and we aligned to bring this predestined ‘manifestation’ to fruition.

They say once you have ‘A Sam’ you wonder how you ever got along without one…

I say, you’ll find me when you need me, and then you’ll never let me go.

What I learned from this awesome trio is that we aligned in perfect harmony to create their dream that had been set in motion many months before…

Yep, synchronicity is what is seems ~ never turn away from it peeps. It is meant to be, even if you aren’t ready… the Universe is always ready to guide you where you need to be.

And if you are ready to buy your dream home, a key investment or your next rental income… it’s time we align as you want to be first with your offer and together we can make that happen!

and my work here is done... ?

By Sam Plovie

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