What’s New In 2022 & Do We Have A Tiger King?

Oh my, do I love to play with words ? ~ are we about to enter a reality TV show or is there something else at play…?

Oh my, do I love to play with words ? ~ are we about to enter a reality TV show or is there something else at play…?

Hmm… food for thought right ~ and it’s kind’ve a bit of everything

Is 2022 Better Than 2021 / 2020

Hell yeah!

We’ve had 2 years of confusion, overload and being stuck and thank god those years are receding.

We have a new leader of the pack, as each year (Metaphysically speaking) has an animal leader and an elemental view point.

2022 is Ren Yin ~ Yang Water Tiger

How Will This Tiger Help Us in 2022?

This vibrant, powerful and fierce Tiger will take no prisoners in the global market as it stalks new territories and stakes its claim to the throne of power.

One of the 4 Travelling Animals in Chinese Metaphysics, we will experience movement big time.

We will:

  • Gain our freedom to travel
  • Regain our personal freedom of choice
  • Find our own Roar that makes others sit up and notice us

Will this be a smooth transition…?

Hell no!

The ‘elements’ within 2022 are all Yang, and this will make for an action packed year.

Have you ever seen an action movie be all rainbows and Unicorns…?

My point exactly.

What Is In Store For Us In 2022…?


Oh my god Sam, that’s a bad word, sounds awful!

No… you’re looking at it the wrong way… ?‍♀️

If we don’t create turbulence, we stay the same, and OMG we cannot be the same as we have been!

Think of it like this:

Your soccer kit is grass and mud stained and you’re wondering if you’ll ever get it clean ?‍♀️

Hello washing machine with it’s rotating drum that swishes everything back and forth, up and down, left and right as it works its magic… as it turbulently goes through its wash cycle....

Hmm ~ are ya pickin up what I’m puttin’ down…?

We have to cause turbulence to release all the shite and remove it ~ there is no other way.

What Moves Do We Make in 2022…?

Well, the key word here is in my subtitle above ? ‘moves‘ …

Do not:

  • Stand still
  • Be quiet
  • Shy away from change
  • Deny who you really are

Tap into the strength and fierce nature of the Yang Water Tiger and understand you have to take action ~ we all do.

As you put yourself through your personal rinse cycle, you will loosen stuff that has bogged you down. This won’t be easy and I expect you’ll fight it.

No, no my friend ~ no fighting allowed.

Will 2022 Be An Emotionally Unstable Year?

Define unstable…?

Again, if you want everything to stay the same, sure, go ahead and bury your head in the sand and cross your fingers behind your back while you’re at it.

Ah… you don’t want to do that…?

Ok ~ now I have something to work with!

The Yang Water Aspect of our Ren Yin year is incredibly strong water, and water is our emotions, our wisdom, our internal safe zone.

Well guess what ~ your safe zone is about to be rocked ~ and I like it for you!

Through the pain is incredible growth; no one ever advanced walking the tried, trued and safe path…

Ya gotta let go of the handrails of life once in a while to experience the freedom of what could be.

You’ve got inner demons to deal with and our Tiger will courageously assist so you can finally be free.

What Industries Will Advance In 2022…?

The same tech, online sales/education, delivery industries continue to excel.

Logistical transportation remains strong although they may be affected by real water disasters affecting their routes…

The insurance industries pull in the big money, which for you and I means those premiums are gonna skyrocket ?‍♀️

The real breakthrough though will be in medicine as we now move from vaccines (still awesome ? ) to pills.

Yep, Pharma giants are gonna reap in major rewards and there’s nothing we can do because we need this medicine.

Does Covid End In 2022…?


Yes, I know I could have sugar-coated that, but why would I do that…?

Covid will continue outwitting us all the way until 2024 ~ but all is not lost!

Our fierce Tiger will reduce Covids potency to a manageable position and those pills will flood the market to counteract what it does next.

How Will The Financial Markets Be in 2022…?


The Tiger is a stealthy animal; he stalks, he pounces, he retreats, he pounces again ~ and that is how the stock market will be!

If you dare to play the game, you can ride the Tigers tail and make great gains… However, when a Cat swishes its tail… it’s not alway a happy Cat… don’t say I didn’t warn ya ?‍♀️

Our Tiger is a land based animal and that touches into real estate turbulence. If you’re selling it’s great, if your buying… not so great

Not a year for indecision, you’re gonna have to pounce if you see something you want.

Is This A Good Or Bad Year For Me Astrologically Sam…?

It depends on your birthdate.

If you are born with a Tiger in your birthdate, technically this is your year and all eyes will be on you!

Question is, will they be on you for the right reasons…?

If you are born with a Monkey in your birthdate, they say the year is against you ~ but do they know what they are talking about…?

Maybe you’ll have the biggest breakthroughs ever ?

There are many ways to determine how your year will be, it’s not a one swipe fits all.

First of all I recommend you download the 2022 Feng Shui & Astrology Life Guide as I speak to key basics there.

We need to look at all the layers for a fully comprehensive view and I can do that for you HERE.

Which Feng Shui Areas Must I Avoid Disturbing in 2022?


Best thing to do is grab the 2022 Guide as I have them highlighted there and show you how to find them in your home floor plan too ok.

Alrighty, to recap, 2022 is a year to:

  • Make change and move ~ no standing still this year!
  • Experience personal breakthroughs ~ ya gotta, it’s time…
  • Take courage from the Tiger to be the real you ~ I want to hear you Roar!
  • Put fear aside ~ it has no purpose in your world anymore
  • Be ready for the unexpected ~ a Tiger likes to surprise!

2022 is an exciting year. Yes, it will challenge us, we will face adversity but we will overcome it all as the overwhelm of the past 2 years is now behind us!

As someone who is facing massive changes in so many areas of my life, I can tell you that I am ready.

I am ready to change my viewpoint, ready to stalk my prey and ready pounce on what I want.

The only question I have for you is…

…. Are you ready to Roar?

By Sam Plovie

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