What’s the Deal with the Man Bun…?

Apparently, size and how you use it does matter….

A popular trend that I find rather interesting, is that of the Man Bun: what is it, what does it do, and why do men do it..? Curious minds want to know…. so I found myself on a mission to uncover the mysteries of such a trend!

If we look at David Beckham who was one of the most recent to tap into this hairstyle, well, actually, nothing more need be said there, seriously, just look at the man…you had me at David!

Where was I…?

Oh yes, that tidy little bun of hair atop a man’s head.

We can say Becks did it for sport reasons, clearly needed to keep those darling locks out of his sparkling eyes as he ran circles around everyone on the soccer field right. But is there another reason, especially if you aren’t a world famous soccer player..?

Yes, there is.

We can easily connect this to Face Reading, as Face Reading covers way more than the face alone: it covers the whole body. When we alter our hair, we are altering aspects of ourself – bet you didn’t know that did you..?

History has shown us the famous Samurai with the long hair sharply pulled back into an early type of Man Bun. Sure we can say it was to prevent chopping off hair while wielding that very sharp sword, but securing the hair in the way they did may have been for another reason...

In Chinese History alone, there are many instances of Man Bun’s – clearly an indication of something they felt was important – but what..?

When we add volume to our head with our hair, we increase that part of our head, and that can affect us in many ways. This is also true when we remove hair from our head, as everything balances: the harmony of Yin & Yang – but let’s stay focused on the Bun part here…

To understand the Man Bun, we actually have to look at where it physically is on the head, as that holds the key.

A Man Bun on the top of the head, can indicate he wants to increase his organising skills, his ability to plan well, and become successful through his social efforts.

Duh… have you seen David Beckham’s social media status.. hello..?

A Man Bun tucked into the nape of the neck will indicate a more private, possibly secretive desire. Could be he values his privacy, it’s quite likely he can keep a secret, and I doubt he’s a massive talker…

When viewing the Terracotta Warriors in China, I noticed the Generals had two Man Buns positioned atop their head. Can we say these Generals were great planners, and had to develop multiple plans for their attacks?

Highly likely.

Everything is done with a purpose, there are no coincidences.

Next time that prospective new guy asks you on a date, with his Man Bun in clear view, maybe give him ‘the nod’.

After all, depending if that Man Bun is high or low on his head, he could have intentions of an exciting night out on the town, or be planning a wonderfully romantic private dinner…

I wonder if the dating apps know about this…?

By Sam Plovie

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