What’s With Convex & Concave Mirrors..?

Time to find out the real truth, and most importantly, how to….

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all…?

Well that depends on who you ask…

Mirrors can be great Qi activators, and when used correctly, will enhance positive energy beautifully, and therein lies a key tidbit of a word: beauty.

You’ve probably used a mirror to brighten a dark entryway, by catching the light from another room and reflecting it into that space.

Maybe you’ve placed one to increase the size of a small area, somewhat a bit of an optical illusion right. Or possibly to showcase a stunning vase of flowers, and such placements can work well.

And we’ve seen mirrors used in safety applications on roadways to improve visibility right, clearly they are invaluable…

Mirrors in Feng Shui application are the similar.

A mirror itself cannot make wealth, increase prosperity, or improve health: it’s just a piece of glass with special backing and a gilt frame…

What it can do is bring energy into a space, using its ability to reflect and move the energy, just like it does with light.

While you can use a regular mirror that you love, there are two types of mirrors to understand correctly, as what they are capable of is far more than you may realize…

Convex Mirror:

A convex mirror is one that bends outward: think of it like flexing a muscle, you see the muscle arch upwards and get bigger, and so it is with what is seen in a convex mirror.

Such mirrors reflect the image they see outward very well, and they encourage a softness in that image due to its circular reflection.

Convex mirrors are good to use, in a space where auspicious Qi has been located, as then such auspicious Qi can be shared beautifully.

Concave Mirror:

A concave mirror is one that bends inward: think of a cave and how you walk into its dark depths, not knowing what you may find… This one is important to understand, and is why many look to a concave mirror once they ‘think’ they’ve found negative or harmful Qi.

The concept behind a concave mirror is to draw things inward.

Of particular note is the Ba Gua Mirror, where it has a sequence of Trigrams around the outside. This mirror is designed to draw evil Qi inwards, and make it accountable to Heaven’s Judgement personified by the Trigrams around it.

The exterior trigrams used here would be only from the beginning of time, referred as the Earlier Heaven Sequence.

This is super important, as the Early Heaven Sequence represents the perfect world, as designed at ground zero in full love and beauty. The bad Qi is technically drawn into the concave mirror, and held accountable for its actions, and judgement is passed, and some say the bad Qi held within that concave mirror.

Personally, I use convex or regular mirrors, specifically placed once I find auspicious Qi in a home, and have had great success enhancing people’s lives.

Do I work with Ba Gua concave mirrors to ward off evil Qi?

No… and I don’t recommend you do either.

They are sold as hyped up Feng Shui cures, and yet without the correct knowledge to understand their placement… they can be ineffective and even dangerous…

By Sam Plovie

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