Where Should I Plant My Money Tree..?

Interesting question ~ how big is your shovel…?

Um, not sure how to break this to you gently, because this is an interesting question, with a rather cheeky answer….

One of the fabled ‘Feng Shui Must Have’ items, this one is rather curios to me and seems to gather momentum as people discuss it more and more, somewhat like Chinese Whispers…

We know bank notes are paper derived, so technically they come from a tree… but the thought that a tree can grow them is kinda cute.. and darn incorrect.

There will be locations in your home that have a connection to money, and different professionals will refer to different options:

  • some will refer to a wealth corner
  • some will speak to wealth star
  • and some will try to sell you something that creates ultimate wealth

But what is the real truth here…?

Yep, it’s time we have a chat…

So now you know which money tree statement is correct, what are you going to do about it…?

The real question to ponder is best to be: ‘who’ and ‘how’ to make money right…

Now you’re getting it ~ nice!

By Sam Plovie

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