Who Exactly Do You Believe In…?

Had your share of doubts, not quite sure which way to turn…? Try this…

If you’ve had your share of doubts lately, and you are not sure which way to turn, or who to believe in…

Maybe it’s time to tell those doubts to %*&@off

Yep, I know that sounds a tad strong: that is my intent.

I have found that todays’ world is far too politically correct.

Someone bumps into us, we say sorry.

Someone steps in front of us in a line, we say sorry.

We do something uniquely different from the next person… we say sorry.

Ugh. Stop that! 

If you want to make a change, you gotta be the change!

While I love catchy blogs that say “5 important things you should know” or “3 mistakes entrepreneurs make”… I prefer blogs that share and teach in a different way, and this is one of those.

For many years in my amazing career, I tried to fit other people’s vision of what I should be, how I should act, and who I should pay homage to…

Guess what, when the powers that be, built me, they built me exactly as they meant me to be.

I am fabulously unique, just like you are, and we must never let anyone cause us to doubt who we are and where we are going.

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken… ?

Look at this list and ask yourself what resonates with you, as something definitely will… Let me share what others used to whisper:

  • Sam stepped off our path
    • Thank goodness as it went to the past, and I choose to walk into the future
  • Sam isn’t listening to us
    • Ah.. not so fast, I will listen to reason, I choose not to listen to envious detractors
  • We cannot control Sam
    • Seriously, you want to exercise control…? I prefer collaboration, support & loving kindness
  • Let’s alienate Sam, let’s discredit her
    • Oh silly people… I may stand tall by myself, but I am never, ever alone and am 100% secure in my abilities

I could easily have hidden myself from sight here, but this is not a fluffy-5-point blog: this is the goods, and the goods don’t always look pretty once you expose them.

Stop giving power to the wrong people my friends, you are allowing them to dictate your life, and why the heck would you do that..?

Take back control peeps, focus your intent, and forego those that do not believe in the amazing you. I can’t say this enough:

Believe in Yourself ~ if you don’t, no-one else will…

If you do not believe in you, the spontaneous, creative, loving, generous, authentic you, why on earth would anyone else believe in you..?

Show the world what you can do, as nothing pees off a detractor more than your success, and trust me, if you live and breath your authenticity, you will be successful!

I’m just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world, who took a flight from London many years ago that changed my life.

Enjoy this video, and have fun finding Tom, Mary-J, Catherine (my fav here), Alec and Russell!

They knew to never stop believing, and I for one am going to keep going on and on and on and on….

Nothin’s gonna keep me down – how about you?

By Sam Plovie

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