Will Cosmetic Surgery Change My Destiny?

It sure can ~ but will it be a good change…?

First of all, it’s time we explain the connection between your Face and your Destiny, as you may be wondering how they are connected ~ and connected they sure are!

Your Destiny was set at birth as you drew your first breath, and everything in your body aligned and your life journey began. It’s like an electrical current sparked through your body at high frequency and turned everything on ~ it was the beginning of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

At birth, you have a chubby baby face, all love and smiles right ~ but that same cherubic face has now created a map on the outside of what your destiny is on the inside

Yeah, bet you didn’t know that did you…

While your Destiny may be hidden from view with intricate details carefully tucked inside your birth date, your Face tells another story, and is ready to broadcast your life to the world.

Did you know your Face has:

  • 100 Age Points
  • 5 Mountains
  • 4 Rivers
  • 5 Officers
  • 6 Mansions
  • 12 Palaces
  • Elements
  • Moons

Yep, a lot going on in that face of yours!

You may look at your face and see eyes, cheeks, chin and mouth… however, I see everything in the above list and my mind starts mapping things before you even blink.

Each Mountain needs support, each River needs to flow unblocked and the Officers need to be in correct position to rule positively ~ and that’s just to get started!

Now keep in mind, this Face map was set at birth, it is the exterior visual of what is within, and it is super important to understand if you want to change something on your face, you must change it from within ~ it’s the only real way to affect change.

Any time we change the face externally with surgery, tattoos or piercings, we influence the life journey, which can alter outcomes, so yes, cosmetic surgery can affect your personality.

The real question actually becomes:

  • “Is this going to be a positive change, or is it about to cause havoc in your life..?”

….because I assure you, altering your face can bring about massive change to your destiny.

It is important to ensure the changes you are considering are favourable, which means understanding what to alter, and when.

Timing is a key ingredient here!

Let’s consider nose surgery; if the nose was crooked before, and can be nicely straightened, then yes, this can improve your vitality, wealth and sense of judgement.

However, having this surgery between the ages of 41 – 50 may drastically affect those same areas, so an evaluation would be done to ascertain ‘when’ to implement the surgery for the optimal results.

Interesting right…

Now let’s say you wish to have eye surgery, maybe you have eye-bags or droopy eyelids ~ it is best to avoid this between the ages of 35 – 40 as issues could arise with your children, sex life, kidneys and more.

My message here is actually simple ~ what and when ~ I cannot reiterate that enough.

It is incredibly important to understand that the face represents what is within, so an external change cannot instigate an internal change… but it sure can pee things off when the timing is not right.

Sometimes things can be altered to look good on the outside, whereas in actuality, they are not so good on the inside… For example, changing your nose cannot make you more trustworthy, honest, and rich if those qualities are not within your core in the first place.

Self-improvement is most auspicious when it comes from within, and no amount of cosmetic surgery can override that, or even make-up for that matter.

Want to change something about yourself…?

Focus on who you are, what you do, and how you do it, and your face will reflect the changes you initiate.

YOU will always be in charge of your life, and no fancy surgeon or latest facial treatment can change that for you.

It’s all about you, only about you, and always about you.

By Sam Plovie

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