Will January Jump Up & Jab Us In The Behind…?

A lot going on for sure, and a jab with a needle is the least of our….

To a degree yes, but not in the way you may think…

January is finally here and we’re collectively breathing a sigh of relief as 2020 is over right…

Um… spoiler alert… not quite ?‍♀️

January 2021 is Ji Chou and is the last month of 2020…

Please don’t shoot the messenger, I’m simply sharing a fact of life, and I sure wish I was as cute as Tootie, then you could all smile and laugh it off right!

  • Ji is Yin Earth
  • Chou is our hardy Ox

I may as well get this next bit out of the way too…. Mercury Retrograde is enroute as well, and I suggest you mark ALL the dates in your calendar from this BLOG! as the first one starts on the 29th… sorry ?

Ok, let’s circle back to the beginning (which interestingly enough is what Mercury Retrograde is great for) and have a chat about this month.

There is a key fact for this January that makes it super special, once you know where to look, and I’m gonna show you where your eyes need to be ?

This month is like a ‘snapchat‘ of what your year will be, so be watchful for glimpses and snippets that literally flash before your eyes, and then disappear…

For goodness sake, make a note of whatever you see, feel, here, get a call from, receive an email, a request ~ whatever it is ~ pay attention peeps!

Why am I so on you for this…?

‘Coz you have the upper hand over the year, if you simply understand how you can play it… Poker isn’t necessarily about the best cards in your hand, it’s about how you play your hand…

K, now you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down aren’t ya ?

This month has a duplication with the year, not in its element or name of Ji Chou, as the year is going to be Xin Chou ~ close, but no cigar…

The duplication is in the Feng Shui aspect, which basically is like the DNA of the land ~ and it’s important.

I ask you to think of it like this: a new store is opening, and it will have a soft opening, and a grand opening… January is the soft opening for 2021 when it moves solidly into position on February 3rd (late at night) for the big reveal, which shows itself more on the 4th actually.

2021 will be better than 2020, so watch for my New Year Update on that, as it will be packed with info you must have!

For the here and now, we stay on track with January ~ but before I delve into that, I did find this fun image that kinda says it all… ?

Oh how I adore David ~ he’s my go-to-guy for sure!

I would expect you are feeling a tad better this month, as we have shed most of 2020, and this month is going to propel us forward ~ and we kinda need a push don’t we…

If you are hanging on to the old, the has been, the old routine ~ give your head a shake right and pull it out of the sand. If you stay in that mode, if you believe we are getting back to normal… oh my goodness, as my good friend Joey Yap loves to say “slap-slap”

We are moving forward, so come with us, and let’s turn our world around and head to the right direction.

As you see those emails, texts, messages and coincidental meetings, understand there are no coincidences, it’s all occurring for you, not to you, for you, so don’t muck it up.

An inspirational point, we have a Hexagram (fancy name for a bunch of lines that tell me stuff) and they clearly state it’s time to let go of the old, and embrace the new.

Don’t focus on past mistakes, remove negative people who aren’t looking forward and set your sights on where you want to go ~ in fact, I just did a fab little video on EXACTLY that, check it out HEREand let me know how you get on ok!

If you find yourself at the heart of an issue, likely unfairly so ~ take the high road, lead by example and stay authentic and on task ~ your task, no one else’s!

This may not be an actual action month, but it is a plan, connect, network (safely of course) month that will set the stage for your year ahead.

But promise me, and I truly mean, promise me, you’ll leave the baggage and mistakes of 2020 in 2020, as they don’t belong with you anymore, and you’ve learned your mistake.

Mercury Retrograde will slide us backwards once again, it’s unavoidable, and yes, this is to do with Covid, as it’s not done… not by a long shot. We will see cases and deaths rise, but it will give us an opportunity to deal with it head-on, and that is actually a good thing.

The vaccines are rolling out, and I’m much happier with these new ones that have released, as their reach and availability (and possibly $$) is better for us all ~ it’s just gonna take months for everyone to get the jab.

On a Feng Shui note ~ for those of us living in Canada, the sickness energy was firmly in the South in 2020, it moves North in 2021… so it’s enroute guys, it’s movin’ on up... ?‍♀️

Bright Note: 2021 is Xin Chou ~ the Xin represents a fine metal, a needle, and the Ox represents the masses ~ the two shall get to work soon ok, soon.

Alrighty, so how about we get this show on the road, and highlight two fab areas you can use month for favourable outcomes!

  • Northeast ~ marvellous for new ventures, generating new ideas, as it’s a very passionate and fertile area, so have fun with those crazy ideas of yours!
  • Northwest ~ new income sources will show themselves if you use this area lots, and especially great if this is your home office, or if you can work here

Time to balance this out, which areas are best to avoid then Sam?

  • South ~ um… this is a tough one, it’s full of arguments, separations, endings and it may look ok now, but long-term.. nah…
  • North ~ this is all argumentative and legal, so stay clear of the North if you can, don’t make important calls or decisions here, as they will fracture!

Alrighty, let’s move into our horoscopes CLICK HERE TO CHECK YOUR CHART

Now you have that, look to the animals in the bottom row, as that’s what I’m referencing next!

Do you have:

Goat ~ Clash Hmm…. for once, I’d love a break, seriously, I have a Goat in my chart, and I feel like I’ve had enough change already! What I can say though, is if this matches you, you are about to make big changes, so put on those big girl panties (which could be fun if you are guy… ?) and get on with it. If you don’t lead the change, changes will lead you, so sort it pronto!

Horse ~ Harm Uh-oh, shit, I’m 2 for 2 here ?‍♀️… ok, so let’s put this into perspective, if you are like me, have a Horse in your horoscope, be ready for some emotional ups and downs, possibly a bruise or two and for a situation to not go the way you wanted, and you don’t get what you want ~ so, rethink what you want, and be ready to pivot, ‘coz you have to!

Dog / Goat ~ Bully Punishment … frick, for the love of God, I am now 3 for 3 ~ seriously Universe, did you have to do this now…? Ok, ok, let’s look at this together and find a way out, and I’m pretty confident I’ll take up drinking this month ?… So we may feel backed into a corner, can’t do what we want… so we need to change what we want then, and we can do that. Be aware that our best laid plans may not work out the way we anticipated, it may appear unfair, but in the big picture… is it really…? Nah, we can work through this, and it’ll make us stronger (my money is still on bubbles to get me through this ~ Colleen and Kyla, you listening, I’m gonna need ya!)

Dragon ~ Destruction … I’m thinking of setting up office in my bedroom, as I am now 4 for 4 (no joke) and staying in bed is looking awfully enticing right now.. so destructions sound bad, and can be.. again, it’s all in how you deal with it… For me, I already know I am dismantling something this month that will upset a lot of people, but I have to push through that, so I’m actually ready for this.

For you, I ask you to look around and be truthful with what is not working, what you could ‘renovate’ possibly ‘break-apart and rebuild’ as that is what a destruction is great for.

Never, ever, let a horoscope interaction define you, it’s simply an energetic influence around you, and it’s usually short-lived, with a lesson in tow, so listen up, pay attention, learn your lesson, and move on peeps!

Rat ~ Combination Ah… true friends through thick and thin, this is your last month as the Ox year takes hold, so network your ass off and lay that amazing foundation for your best 2021. Oh, and of course, this is the one I don’t have… figures ?

In a nutshell, no matter what Feng Shui you have in your home, what animals you have in your birth chart, pay attention this January month, as you are going to get a glimpse of what your year could be ~ and it could be AWESOME!

… did you notice…?

… did you see it…?

I told you this month somewhat duplicates the year, and that is never more apparent than in the horoscope section….

Soooo… check your birth chart, because you could be like me, with a heck of a lot going on this year ~ best you take charge now, so you can turn it all in your favour.

When I first saw this, and the year ahead with my own birth chart, I literally sat down hard, because I’m being hit on all sides ~ literally!

And then, it happened, my enlightened mind kicked in, and I realised what an amazing opportunity 2021 will be for me.

Sure, not for the feint of heart, but worth every pain point, as I’ll be so much stronger for it ~ and so you will you my friends, so will you!


By Sam Plovie

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