Will March 2020 Put A Spring In Your Step…?

Is this month double happiness, or double trouble….? Well, it is…….

We can all relate to a fresh spring in our step right ~ even if some of us still have to change the darn clocks this month!

Ugh, when will that silliness end ?…?

March is Ji Mao:

  • Ji is Yin Earth
  • Mao is Rabbit

I’m gonna have to slide to some tech speak this month as there is a lot going on. We have a ‘double-up,’ something we call ‘Insects Awakening.’ and a Hexagram referred to as ‘Regulate.’

  1. The double-up references a Feng Shui sequence
  2. Insects Awakening refers to Spring’s arrival ~ and dare we say ‘bugs‘…
  3. Regulate Hexagram is a marker in time ~ a powerful one

#1 shows us that the energy map of the year (more like the ‘workflow’ of the world) is repeating, which means everything is heightened, under pressure and strengthened this month. We’re kind’ve on high alert.

#2 is a term about the transitional point in the year, it’s a reference to Winter ending and Spring emerging. But I find it uncanny how we can cheekily align this with insects = bug. Hello, are we seeing a mass explosion of a ‘bug’ right now…?

Um, yep, we are.

Yes, yes, for my colleagues reading this, I am being a tad tongue-in-cheek and I get that ~ but sometimes it’s the simple things we need to pay attention to…

#3 is a Hexagram, which sounds techy, but needn’t be. A Hexagram is simply a collection of 6 lines, that are a high-level code that I rarely speak publicly to. Regulate connects with the power that we will see ‘regulating‘ our every move, and censoring our actions.

In Metaphysics, we always seek an interaction, an exchange, a symbiotic relationship that gives and receives ~ that is what’s off key this month ~ no viable interaction.

We could say it’s like a stalemate, a holding pattern at an airport, planes circling around, and waiting for ground control to say it’s all clear to land…

Yes of course, the world will keep spinning, and the sun will continue to rise, it’s more that we’ll somewhat hit the wall, and won’t be sure which way to turn, with breakthroughs just out of reach, because they are on the other side of the wall!

Maybe we need to smash the bloody wall down…?

The financial instability that was gaining momentum last year, has hit the ground running this one, and because people are scared, we see impulsive reactions.

Try to stay the course, as there is no quick fix here.

The interaction with the year will heighten the Sword of 2020 Blog that I’ve warned about, and our actions will be refined and defined by powerful people ~ aka ~ governing bodies.

Simply put; we are about to be told ‘what we can do, where we can do it and how we can do it…’

Such strong guidelines will hurt; from a personal level all the way to the corporate one, and many will fight this and call out foul play.

But is it really foul play…?


We have to respect that severe action must be taken, as we are all dealing with the COVID-19 Virus, and it’s time to swing the sword and cut off it’s ugly head.


We won’t like it, as our freedom will be curtailed, and our ‘I want it my way, and I want it now’ will be ‘regulated’.


We simply cannot have things our way right now, and we have to bow down and alter our actions for the greater good. This is not panic, this is logical and important.

You will want to throw the towel in, walk away from areas of your life you feel are not working ~ be careful with that as I ask you to be sure you want to walk away ok. If you’ve done your due diligence, and you are not acting impulsively out of fear or passion, then step away confidently 100%.

I’ve been asked why I didn’t predict the Coronavirus in the 2020 Annual Blog ~ and that’s because COVID-19 started in November 2019, and I warned you guys how the &%(# would hit the fan in 2019, especially in November, and it would take many of us down…

2019 was Ji Hai, and I described it as a glass of water, with mud floating on top, and as the year progressed the mud would dissolve into the water. The problem is, mud never really dissolves, it’s always there, contaminating whatever it seeps into…

No, I don’t have a crystal ball and I did not see the devastating reach into this year, but I’m not surprised.

This month is different, and my advice to you will be different.

We’re not going to look to fab areas in your home, you’re going to slow down, clean your home, no matter what sector and simply take stock of things.

February Tiger pushed our ideas and ignited our passions, let the March Rabbit take you back to nature; eating healthy, resting and enjoying sunshine outdoors.

Alrighty, let’s move into our horoscopes and see who interacts with whom, this part always amazes even me with its accuracy!


Ok, now you have your chart, look to the animals in the bottom row, as that’s what I’m referencing next!

Do you have a:Rooster in your birth chart ~ Clash Hmm… Clashes make people uneasy and yet there is far more to a clash than first meets the eye. If you want change in your life, you can use a clash to make that happen.

Dragon in your birth chart ~ Harm Uh-oh, you may feel pressured and possibly backed into a corner… don’t worry, you can outsmart this. Harms are most often fast-acting and run out of umph quickly, however they do hurt as they strike so be ready with some Polysporin!

Rat in your birth chart ~ Uncivilized Punishment You are about to cause your own issue by stepping outside the loyal zone… Be mindful of thinking the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, because what you decide to walk away from this month may be good for you, so think this through carefully. If you have done everything possible to make things work, then sure, it’s ok step over the fence to pastures new.

Horse in your birth chart ~ Destruction This one is all about bad habits, so it’s time to ensure you create better ones this month! On the flip side, can you make some big changes and potentially destroy something that is blocking your path..?

Dog in your birth chart ~ Combination Ah… true friends through thick and thin, this is a month of collaborations and networking, so get out there and make it all happen!

As you read through my notes on the animals, I get it can be confusing ~ so just focus on the basics.

In your Annual Update, I’ve looked at all of this for you and laid out what it means to you for 2020. For monthly forecasts like these, remember, a month is approximately 30 days, so whatever challenge you may experience, it’s only for 30 days…

Mindfulness is the way forward, and awareness brings success and happiness.

You can’t change the world and what is afoot ~ but you can change how you react to it…

By Sam Plovie

The Ultimate Guide By Your Side ~ QiPro Sam helps you remove the barriers that sabotage your success so you can live life at full potential

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