Will May Really Bring ‘The Force’ Forward…?

Star Wars jesting aside, can the May Snake uncover a force that can……

Just imagine how funny this could have been if May had begun on the 4th…?

‘May the 4th be with you’ jokes aside… maybe this new month can force a change…?

Hmm… interesting idea, let’s explore together!

May 5th begins Xin Si:

  • Xin is Yin Metal
  • Si is Snake

The Xin metal element we see this month is more detailed, refined and softer than the hard metal sword the Dragon of April wielded! Xin has a finite / delicate quality, however, it’s core is still incredibly strong, and can slash through obstacles.

Never be fooled by a soft exterior, for in softness, there is great strength…

Can we say this delicate metal is like a needle, leading to hopes of a vaccine…?

I wouldn’t stretch to a vaccine quite yet ~ as much as I’d like to.

It’s far more likely we will learn intricate details about this virus, which leads to a better understanding.

We can liken Xin to microscopes, with that definitive eye to what is at the very core ~ if we can identify the core of Covid, we’ll be able to control it.

We could see needles come to the forefront, likely intravenous or some kind of injection that appears to help, I’m just not sold on a true vaccine yet.

Si is that Snake, and one of my favourite analogies I love to share, is that a Snake has the ability to shed it’s skin, and rebirth anew. Snake is deceptive in many ways, and actually has some fire in its belly.

Will this fire be useful, will it mould the metal and force the virus to back down…?

Yes and No.

For the virus, yes, the medical community worked long hours last month and discovered traits and potentials that explain how the virus works. Oxygenation first before intubation was one discovery, and it looks like we are ahead now ~ however, what can be seen, cannot always be believed, as the virus is only ‘resting‘ in some areas…

It will change itself during this apparent downtime… A Snake is happy to bide its time hiding in long grass, waiting to surge, when it’s ready, which begs the question; “will we be ready…?

Oh, I expect some company ‘May’ come out with an apparent cure, and guess what… it’s yours for only 3 payments of $9.99 on the shopping channel!

Ok, ok, clearly I jest, but my point is, an apparent cure may be ‘found’, and while it may hold merit, it will also hold a price tag…

Who exactly is making the profit, who printed the price tags, and why…?

For you and I, well, we are still playing the waiting game right, tucked up in our homes, watching and somewhat internally combusting, as we feel the longevity and impact of where we are in the world, heavily settling onto our shoulders.

The fire within the Snake can give us hope, as it appears like a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Yes, that light of awakening is there, but we still have to walk to it, we’re not there yet…

We are financially challenged, emotionally drained and morally confused. This month, some of that will alleviate under the Snakes viewpoint ~ if you cultivate the right actions that is.

Beware of conspiracy theories, after all, doesn’t our dear Snake have a forked tongue…?

Oh yes indeed, a very eloquent one ~ read between the lines and intelligently discern the facts please.

I ask you to use this time effectively, and inwardly ~ you can’t control the external aspect right now, but you can control the internal one!

Understand this is your month to change ~ could be your habits, your work process, definitely your thoughts, and to be cheekily clear here ~ it’s actually all of those.

We will feel empowered as the warm sun kisses our cheeks and caresses our bodies ~ a welcome embrace in our loneliness as we continue with our demoralizing social distancing… Crucially important, but still tough to endure right…

YES ~ watch for opportunities to get outside and be with friends safely ~ all I ask is you do so intelligently, and safeguard yourself, as this virus will wake up from its apparent slumber…

Not a fear statement, simply a logical one to safeguard you.

There is another super interesting factoid for this month, based around Xin, and that is of bullets (small metal). I find it interesting that the whole firearm debate is surging right now, guess the Snake wants a go at the gun laws…

Be careful with that though, after all, the Snake is famous for its forked tongue, and facts must be facts on this one, and you’ll need to hear two stories to find the one truth.

Alrighty, let’s move into our horoscopes and see who interacts with whom, this part always amazes even me with its accuracy!


Ok, now you have your chart, look to the animals in the bottom row, as that’s what I’m referencing next!

Do you have:

Pig in your birth chart ~ Clash I expect you are looking to change something, possibly run off, or away from something… How about we reign in that energy and look more constructively at what is feasible and actually beneficial to change. Keep those impulsive and manipulative thoughts on positive track please!

Tiger in your birth chart ~ Harm & Ungrateful Punishment I get it, you want answers, and you want them now… sorry, the world is on auto-reply message right now, so you’ll have to get in line and wait. Not your strong suit I know, but give it a go and you may find a better way forward. Oh, and be mindful in any travelling situations, don’t want any fender benders or mishaps!

Monkey in your birth chart ~ Destruction & Combination & Punishment Definitely a great month to rework your mind as you do yet another Sudoko puzzle… Do you need to break something down to rebuild it better…? I expect you do, and you are at the centre of it all, so reach out to those who can assist, guide and mentor, as now is your time to turn things around if you accept assistance from wise benefactors.

Actually, this month is tricky for anyone with Tiger ~ Snake ~ Monkey in their birth chart (no matter where) as these three come together in a unique way…

Unique isn’t always a good thing… ?

When these 3 unite, it’s not a fun threesome let me tell you. If your chart has some of this, you are likely to face some challenges this month.

You may not trust those around you, how in the heck could they be so ungrateful for all you’ve done right…? You may even get into trouble when you help to others.

WTF right…?

If this is you, you must go inward this month, as only your own actions will save the day, and turn this around positively.

Remember what I said about the Snake, it has the ability to shed it’s skin and rebirth anew.

Yes, the virus will transform, but how about you focus on your own transformation.

You are in control of you, so put your focus there, and let the world be; it can handle itself just fine while you take a moment for yourself.

If I can leave you with one piece of advice that can change everything, it’s to understand this is not the time to be crushing it career-wise, pushing yourself to new limits, solving marital issues, or home schooling your 8yr old for entrance into Harvard!


You cannot be something you are not.

This is the time to be kind, considerate, compassionate, quiet and peaceful.

As Oscar Wilde was heard to say:

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken…”

By Sam Plovie

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