Will October Turn Things Upside Down…?

Is that a treat in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me…?

Normally I’m excited for Pumpkin Spice latte at my favourite cafe, but this month’s troubling heat may not come from an actual spice, although it does have an orange hue…

Get ready for some bumps in the night peeps ~ Halloween is here, in more ways than one…

October 8 announces Bing Xu:

  • Bing is Yang Fire
  • Xu is Dog

Part of me hesitates to write about this new month, as I’ve answered a lot of messages asking when it’s all gonna change for the better…

Um ~ I think we better we spike that latte first, and then continue...

We have made fabulous progress to get to this point, and the only reason I need you a tad more relaxed as you read this, is because we are about to go backwards…

Yeah, I hear ya, outward groan and unbelievable eye roll at the same time right!

October 8 starts the month, and October 13 starts Mercury Retrograde ~ which makes it a double backtrack that comes at us from two different directions; oh the joys right…?

First, we have the month of October, which is a Dog month; an earth animal in Chinese Astrology and one of the 4 graveyard animals. No, don’t panic, doesn’t mean we’re all headed to a grave ~ but it does mean things are gonna get heavy.

This month is scorched by the Fire too, which makes it harder, aggressive and determined. Kinda like a dog with a bone...

When Earth is strong, we can feel burdened and pushed down…

When Earth is scorched, clarity goes out the window and confusion rules…

October interacts with 2020 to push forward a surge to end things, and we’ll feel our minds being reshaped with an underlying heat that is alluring, and yet repulsive at the same time.

Fire brings hope, it always does, but this particular fire is buried in the ground, so it’s not accessible to everyone… I’d like to say this fire can meld the dangerous metal of 2020 that has attacked our lungs, but the fire is weak at this point.

Yes, this fire will shine a light on the virus, and there will be talk of vaccines and cures, hopes will be raised…. and dashed.

I know, I know, I’m constantly a voice of doom right ?…

My nature is actually upbeat, I do see the glass half-full, because it alway is. I share what I see with you here so you are prepared, not scared ~ no point, this world of ours is what it is right now, so best we meet it head on.

We must remain calm, cool, collected and above all else ~ INFORMED.

October will help you find a stable footing and make a stand ~ not a stupid protest ~ I refer to standing in your own right. Gather your intellectual troops and plan for the next 15 months, as we have a steady walk in front of us.

I know markets are high right now, real estate is booming, things are ‘zooming’ and everyone keeps chuckling at me as I’ve said all along things are going to go down.

The economy will begin its shift this month, as the reality of the long-term settles over us. We cannot keep printing money, we’re not in a Monopoly game…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again ~ be conscious of your habits and save more than you spend.

For those of you in the US election realm ~ both contenders vying for the ultimate power position are caught amidst confusion, debacle and subterfuge.

Trump is born year of the Dog and is going to cause many problems for himself as he steps into a self-penalty month. His career is directly clashed and his health will come under pressure even more than it already is…

Trump is not in good shape.

Biden also shows a clash, he’s not in great shape (for other reasons than Trumps’) and this could be an opportunity to step into the spotlight in 2021. But will his opponent cause such a big distraction that Biden gets lost in the free-for-all that ensues…?

Alas… yes ?

I think if you’re watching the Presidency race, you may have missed a vital ingredient… stay tuned folks, I’m mapping out their BaZi charts, and QiMen to share an interesting blog with you next!

OK, outside of politics, we need to layer in something else next.

In pops Mercury Retrograde (READ MORE HERE) and we find ourselves going back and deal with something we didn’t deal with correctly the first time.

The Pandemic hit the world hard, and we have spent months making headway, pushing forward with changes that had to be made. We have believed it’s a one way street, that we’d just keep moving forward, getting better and better.

Yeah, ’bout that...

I’ve spoken out emphatically on my Instagram and Facebook feeds that the summer months allowed the virus to somewhat go underground, to hide from view ~ but it was never gone, and would rear a new version of itself in October.

Guess what ~ it’s October.

What we thought was dead and buried, is about to be dug back up…

It’s imperative we maintain momentum, and even though versions of lockdowns, restrictions and challenges will come forward again ~ you have to keep your eye on the ball and put one foot strategically in front of the other.

The desire to band together and ‘stick it to the man‘ will rise ~ but who exactly are you sticking it to…?

Yeah, I’m asking you.

Think about that, because we are wise to band together, but for a positive outcome, not a tantrum with an orange hue… if you get my pun… ?

You will feel blocked, you will feel controlled ~ but you don’t have to stay in that mindset. Accept that you will be following directions, and that you will have to work and live under rules again.

Don’t lose sight of the end-game ~ this recurrence was always going to happen, I’ve been waiting for it all year, and we can handle it if we remain calm, cool, collected and INFORMED.

Real estate is still in good shape, so finish those deals and bank your assets quickly. If you are one of my clients, you know I’m getting you to hold the line now, to wait, as your real estate options will be different next year ~ just hold that line…

Keep your eye on the stock market, as our October Dog likes to dig and disrupt the firm ground around our feet, and destabilize everything… little bugger that he is!

Think steady and safe and you will be exactly that: safe and steady.

Let’s highlight two fab areas you can use this month for favourable outcomes!

  • Southeast ~ great for reputation, being seen and PR so make those calls, host those meetings and put yourself out there from this area of your space!
  • Northwest ~ ooh, good area to use for generating new leads and opportunities ~ and don’t be shy to ask for help ~ it’s there for you!

Time to balance this out, which areas are best to avoid then Sam?

  • East ~ a challenge all year, it hits a low this month with potential legal issues, arguments and ‘he said, she said’ so be careful and think before you speak please…
  • West ~ holds potential for the year, but this month, a sense of burnout and health issues come forward. Pace yourself, sleep and eat well to avoid this ~ and pregnant women are wise to stay out of this area completely

Alrighty, let’s move into our horoscopes and see who interacts with whom, this part always amazes even me with its accuracy!


Ok, now you have your chart, look to the animals in the bottom row, as that’s what I’m referencing next!

Do you have:

Dragon in your birth chart ~ Clash Hmm… Wanna make a change…? This is the month to do it, so get ‘er done! Procrastination won’t work in your favour here, and if you dare to walk on the wild side, you can increase your workflow, and activate areas of your life. So, what are you waiting for…?

Rooster in your birth chart ~ Harm Ok, ok, yeah, you may feel pressured and possibly backed into a corner… but you just survived September, so you’ve got this one in the bag! Emotionally, you may still be licking a wound ~ rip the bandaid off, and let the fresh air heal it all now ~ it’s time.

Dog in your birth chart ~ Self-Penalty It’s no fun dealing with a Self-Penalty because you are the one causing the issue. Yes ~ you. Use the camaraderie of this Earth month to network and ask for help so that you can avoid making that bad decision… because it’s there, just under the surface, waiting for you to say ‘go’ and I’m saying ‘no’…

Goat in your birth chart ~ Destruction & Punishment Double whammy this month, so be warned… Be aware you may feel tired, slightly overwhelmed, so get extra sleep and slow things down a tad. Be aware you may feel bullied… and you could be ~ so stay unemotional and calm. On the flip side, can you make some big changes and potentially destroy something that is blocking your path..? Oh yes, I think you can!

Rabbit in your birth chart ~ Combination Ah… useful to make connections and fosters teamwork, so be honest and clear with what you want, as someone else may want the same too…

Ok, here we are, at the tail end of my blog, so tell me: is the tail wagging the dog, or is the dog wagging the tail…?

I cannot say this enough; stay informed with facts and remain stable this month.

We have to step backwards just a tad, but that’s ok, as we missed something, and now we can fix it and make it stronger. We didn’t do it right all those months ago, so know we have another kick at the can.

October’s Fire Dog can bring inspiration forward, and hope for our future, as long as we understand, it’s not a quick fix.

We have to hold the line.

By Sam Plovie

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