Will The New HomeSense Store Make Sense…?

Location and timing may just make this a winning combination!

Ooh, exciting days here in Vernon, our little sleepy town has a massive HomeSense store opening up, so of course… you just know I had to go have a peek at it!

First things first, this blog is a light look at the store, as I don’t have the floor plans, have no idea where their tills will be, offices located, delivery doors are or even where their bathrooms are positioned.

If I get the chance to do a drone shot of the building, I will… however, don’t want Interpol, FBI or the RCMP chasing me down for airspace infringement, so we’ll have to go with what we can see from the street for now ok!

So, trusty Luopan in hand, off I went to check things out before they open their doors and it was an interesting visit. How about I explain something first though, so we have a good foundation for our chat ok.

In a Feng Shui evaluation of any space (home / office / company) we have criteria we need to meet for information gathering as then (and only then) can we make a solid assessment. We need to know:

  1. Location of space to be assessed
    1. not only the street address, but surrounding mountains, rivers, roads and other buildings
  2. Year of location creation
    1. when was the home / office / company building constructed
  3. Type of location
    1. is this a home for a family, a store for retail, or an online hub with no walk-in clientele
  4. Timing
    1. timing is sooooo e-v-e-r-t-h-y-i-n-g… did they get it right…?

Ok, so let’s take a look at where HomeSense is situated:

We can see it has a busy intersection at its back (acts like a river), a large carpark in front (acts like a pond / water collecting area), some major buildings nearby (act like mountains for support) and is visible from many angles.

My visibility aspect is logical, a business like HomeSense creates a draw, no matter where it is, but high visibility is always a good thing for a store right.

I popped a compass into the left corner so you can see that HomeSense faces South.

‘Facing’ means the area that receives the most Qi (life’s breath) between Heaven ~ Man ~ Earth, and this one is easy to identify as it is the front of the store, where people enter as Homesense is successful based upon people entering and buying right. Right.

My onsite quick look showed a possible issue with the specific degree of the reading being close to a void line, shown here:

Hmm… we don’t like void lines, as they present messy Qi, which boils down to instability, issues arising, unclear goals and problematic relationships. We ‘a-void‘ them as best we can!

However, being the handy-dandy QiPro that I am, I knew to back up an onsite read with digital referencing from satellites. I do this because onsite readings can be affected by excessive metal near the compass, underground aquifers, or plain ole human error.

The Luopan is simply a compass ~ sure a fancy looking one, but a compass at its core, and compasses can be affected by what is near to them.

So, long story short, I checked things out and HomeSense is actually ok, it sits about degree 164º which makes it firmly South 1st sector, not part way between South (S1) and Southeast (SE3).

Then I considered the ‘creation’ aspect, as this is a new store, built in 2019, which places it inside a specific period of time known as Period 8.

I then looked at what type of business HomeSense is, as that is crucial information ~ HomeSense is a business that needs shoppers to walk through its doors to buy things.

Ok, so I had 1, 2 & 3 sorted and today’s chat about HomeSense is whether it ‘makes sense’ to be in this location, and in many ways it does, if they timed it right (4).

A different type of business in this location may struggle, and I believe the previous business did close down. HomeSense were smart, they did a complete renovation of the space which invigorated the Qi (energy pattern of the space) and they now have a few things working in their favour.

Homesense is supported by:

  • larger highway to the Southwest of the building brings future money to them
  • intersection is favourable for showcasing their beauty products
  • Water mouth is favourable for bringing nice clients to them
  • home products feature positively at their front door
  • word of mouth is favourable

So is it all celebrations and dollars rolling into their tills then?


They may struggle with staff a tad, have issues maintaining them, and cultivating efficient leadership. To begin with this won’t be an issue, I’m confident Head Office will send a team to set things into play, and Homesense is an established company, they know how to whip things into shape. They would be wise to bring me in to assess their leadership personnel though, as key people will be important to this HR department.

After a fabulous opening, their bottom line may take time to increase, as it’s a slow go for major big bucks here ~ improves after 2024 ~ but recouping their investment may be slower than anticipated. However, I am confident I can help them in the meantime, as just like you, I L-O-V-E Homesense… Pretty sure my visa will be on file with them very soon… Shh, don’t tell my hubby!

I’m not sure if a Feng Shui Professional advised on this building or not, but I do wonder as they have chosen a particularly good date to open their doors, so let’s add a level to our chat to include Date Selection (timing #4).

HomeSense have chosen to open their doors on Tuesday August 13th and if we search that date in my trusty Tong Shu calendar (courtesy of Joey Yap ~ thanks Joey!) this is what we see with the Feng Shui aspect interacting with their existing energy map:

Remember, the South is their Facing, so the front door and most important for an opening. This configuration of 4 9 is great as it is known as ‘Birth of Intelligent Son’. Chinese Poetry aside, this is great for a new business, as it shows a fabulous birth.

There is also a #8 in the box to the left, which represents the Southeast, and that has money written all over it, and is how people will enter on this first day. I expect they will have excellent first day sales!

Then we look to what type of day it is, this is more a Date Selection technique where we choose a specific date to achieve a specific outcome. I would have chosen this date for them, especially a soft opening, as it has a lot going for it, check this out:

This day ‘suits‘ a lot of positive endeavours ~ I likey for them!

Then to top it all off, I notice they chose a specific hour to open their doors, 9am:

Ok, this hour isn’t perfect, as I sense (get it, sense.. a play on words… ok, I won’t give up my day job just yet… ) but it has some merit to it. Snake hour is a direct clash to the Pig governing 2019, however I personally use clashes like these all the time in my Date Selection services as a clash makes things happen.

HomeSense want to make a huge impact in Vernon, and using a clash like this, they will. Like a loud clap of thunder reverberating through our ears, we’ll hear them enter the retail realm loud and clear!

And we can never forget, a company cannot open a store at say 3am, it has to be logical and realistic for the clients right, and Heavenly Noble will help take them places so it’s all good.

Alrighty, so now you have a basic run-down on how, as your personal QiPro, I evaluate a space and would make my recommendations.

Your business may be smaller, your company sell something entirely different from HomeSense, but the Feng Shui aspect of its placement will be the same if you seek a successful outcome.

Now don’t go thinking you can locate your business South like Homesense and all will be fantastically well ~ nope, I wouldn’t necessarily have placed them where they are.

The difference for them, is they have major dollars to invest, to carry them through start-up and overcome challenges… most of us don’t have that kind of capital right.

If you want to build a successful business, locating it in the right spot is your first priority. Everything else we can smooth out as you go along, especially if we’ve hired the right staff together, as they are your backbone to great relationships with your clients…

And my work here is done... ?

By Sam Plovie

The Ultimate Guide By Your Side ~ QiPro Sam helps you remove the barriers that sabotage your success so you can live life at full potential