Will Your Christmas Tree Affect Your Home Feng Shui..?

Is there a perfect place for your Christmas tree that can bring abundance this season..? Time for a chat!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…. where the heck do I put thee..?

Many people ask me as their Feng Shui consultant if their Christmas Tree affects their Feng Shui and where it should be placed in their home…?

Well… the answer is actually very simple ~ so grab a shortbread cookie and some cocoa, as it’s time for us to have a cozy chat…

Let’s Talk Christmas Trees & Feng Shui

First of all, we need to understand what your tree represents regarding Feng Shui principles.

Technically, a Christmas Tree is considered a Wood element – whether a real tree or not ~ as such trees are directionally upward in growth, mostly green in colour and this all leans to Wood element just like a real tree.

Then we layer the lights overtop, and we get a healthy does of Fire as anything bright that radiates its warmth out for all to see can be associated to the Fire element.

Now let’s continue with these elements for a moment.

What is the relationship between the 5 elements & Christmas Trees?

Wood is an interesting energy, it is considered upwardly mobile, a tad pushy, learned, academic with a smidgen of romance thrown in – kinda lots going on.

Fire is hot, expansive, sales related and impulsive – are you pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down here…?

This time of year, we can all get a little edgy, often running around doing everything all at once… lots of shopping, rushed decisions… and our anxiety level rises.

Such rising of anxiety can be for many reasons, and the placement of your Christmas Tree may come into play… but there is an easy way to fix this.

Learn how to balance your Christmas Tree Feng Shui

All you need to do is add in the other elements to create a smooth flow of Qi, thus moving away from the strength of Wood & Fire alone.

Place square boxed presents underneath (Earth) use some white and blue ribbons or wrapping paper (Metal & Water) and you have come full circle with the 5 elements of Wood-Fire-Earth-Metal-Water: voila you are Aok!

For the Feng Shui aficionados out there, sure pull up your home’s natal chart and look for a place where you can have a strong Wood and Fire element. My cheeky comment back to you about wood if you do that is gonna make you smile

Is there a perfect Feng Shui Christmas tree position..?


But what if the perfect place is the laundry room..?

Are you all going to snuggle there, opening gifts and sharing stories with bright eyed wonder…?

Of course you aren’t!

Feng Shui applications should never, ever look weird ~ end of discussion.

Feng Shui will work with your home and your family and look harmonious.

Tips for the ultimate Christmas Tree placement!

Still looking for more help placing your Christmas tree…?

Ok, then follow this very technical advice… and you will survive the season just fine my friends…

  • Situate your tree in your home… wherever your heart desires…
  • Realign the fallen over tree – for the second time… with laughter and some fishing line tied to an anchor…
  • Place all those gifted ornaments that you don’t love… at the back of the tree…
  • Open up all the boxed chocolates underneath the tree for guest gifts… and eat your favourite ones...
  • Get a bigger Santa cookie plate… and put your name on it….
  • Give through your heart not your wallet… do I really need to explain this one…?

As much as I like perfection (especially when it comes to Feng Shui) I love family, laughter and love oh so much more!

I do not place my Christmas Tree in a perfect Feng Shui location every year, because I cannot. It has to go where it will fit, and where I can see it ?‍

In my home, the Christmas Tree is a hub for countless cups of tea, way too many shortbread cookies and many a funny story shared with loved ones….

Make your Christmas Tree the loving centre of your home and you will forever be in the right place, with the right people at the right time my friends, no Feng Shui cure required….

By Sam Plovie

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