BaZi 101: Discover Your Power Within!

Are you seeking insight on how you can open yourself up to fortune and success?

Then look no further ~ I got ya covered!

This Chinese Astrology workshop is designed to open the doors to understanding precisely how you can become best aligned with the movements of the Universe for prosperity and guidance.

During the course of the workshop, you will learn how to recognize and honour your Day Master, understand and interpret the elements impacting your life to make the most optimal decisions, and take control as the master of your own destiny.

It’s an invaluable opportunity to connect to a profound level of self-knowledge and unlock your hidden potential – so don’t miss out, limited space and VIP Early Bird special only until October 31st!

As a Chinese Metaphysics Specialist with over 12 years of experience, QiPro Sam guides people to their true potential and helps them remove the barriers that sabotage their success.

If you’ve ever wondered ‘why’ you make the decisions you do, how issues keep circling back and if you can change that…?

The answers are in this workshop where QiPro Sam will release you from old habits and catapult you into your best future!

Book Club Retreat BaZi Workshop

Yay, you want to learn about yourself ~ I am so excited to meet you ~ we're going to have sooo much fun learning all about your amazingness!

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