For your optimal success, you need to know what your BaZi chart looks like; what animals are in there (out of 12) and what elements too (out of 10)

Once you have this super cool information, you are better prepared to make better decisions ~ and that will change e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g for you!

Astrology Calculator

Now you know what animals and elements are in your chart... are you ready to understand what that means...? Perfect, as I'm ready to meet you too! MEET SAM

Ming Gua Calculator

Ming Gua is a guardian spirit ~ a unique energy that is bestowed upon you at birth, and guides you through your life, wisely whispering in your ear...

Now you have your Ming Gua number, let's get your mini report packed full of information you need to know! Click on your number below:

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Feng Shui Calculator

Looking to increase your finances, improve relationships and strengthen health...?

This is a great place to start (until I'm with you one-on-one!)

Keep in mind... it's best we work on your home chart together, as there is so much more to your home, and your life, that doesn't fit inside that tiny little yellow box... MEET SAM