For your optimal success, you need to know what your BaZi chart looks like from the day of your birth! It’s particularly important to know what animals are in there (out of 12) and what elements too (out of 10).

Did you know your birthdate is a plethora of information just waiting to make your life the best it can be! Each pat of your birthdate reveals intricacies about your career, romance, wealth, health and overall happiness ~ you truly are a star in the making!

Once you have this super cool information, you are better prepared to make better decisions ~ and that will change e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g for you!

The Day Master is all about the day you were born and explains where your ‘magic’ comes from! The Ming Gua is derived from your year of birth and used extensively with Feng Shui application.

Two entirely different aspects of you waiting to be discovered ~ so go get busy ?

Day Master Calculator

The day you were born is all you baby! Curious to find out how your Day Master leads your entire life and holds the secret to your success…?

Ming Gua Calculator

A unique energy bestowed upon you at birth that gently guides you through your life, wisely whispering in your ear so you may achieve your greatness!