Ming Gua

This Ming Gua is not you, your personality or your characteristics…

Devised by the year of birth and gender, this Ming Gua is like a personal GPS always ready to take you to the right places!

In many ways, your Ming Gua is like your best friend… Always there for you, always encouraging and always listening.

There are 8 Ming Guas, often referred to as ‘Stars‘ ‘Pa Kua‘ or simply ‘Gua‘ and they have unique qualities to share through you.

Notice I said through you, as that my friend, is the key in all this…

Step One – Reveal Your Ming Gua

Ready to find out what yours is…? Perfect, simply enter your birthdate information and click Calculate ~ I’ve done the rest for you!

Step Two – Unlock Your Free Mini Report

Now you have revealed your Ming Gua, let’s get your FREE mini report! You’ll discover how to use your favourable directions, how and why you connect with certain people and even how your Ming Gua affects where you live!

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