What is Your Gua Number?

Your Gua number (also known as Kua number) is a numerical value that is derived from your gender and date of birth in the Chinese system of Feng Shui.

It is used to determine your lucky and unlucky directions, as well as your overall energy and personality traits.

This number plays an important role in your life, as it helps you make informed decisions about various aspects such as career, relationships, health and wealth.

Your Gua number reflects your inner strengths and weaknesses, and by understanding it, you can align your environment and actions for optimal balance and success.

Your Gua Number And Home Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the number of your Gua is strongly connected to your home and its overall energy.

Your Gua number is also associated with a specific element, direction, and set of qualities.

This is important to understand because it connects with specific aspects of your life such as career, relationships, health, and wealth.

By understanding the connection between your Gua number and your home’s Feng Shui, you can enhance the positive energy to support your life goals.

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