8 Personality Profiles ~ ALL the Ming Gua's For You!

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Understand everyone around you with this collection of 8 Guas that.....

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  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Language: English


We are all unique individuals, born different days, months, years and genders ~ and yet, we are far more closely connected than you may realise...

We do have unique optimal working directions that will help us achieve our goals faster! 

We do have uniquely favourable directions for the most restful sleep, and understanding what works for you will make you stronger and more efficient in all you do! 

In this Special Edition collective of Gua Profiles, you can learn some key qualities of the people around you that can help you connect with them easier, work with them more effectively, and love those special ones more intimately...

Jam-packed with information, and if you want to learn key characteristics about yourself, your team and your friends, now is the time, as I have laid everything out on all the Guas, from ultimate restful positions, to the most powerful ones! 

Whether we have yet to meet and work on your home, collaborate on your HR staff hires, this is a great first step to help you achieve your goals. 

Use these guides to help you understand; 

  • your co-workers, and what they need for optimal collaboration
  • to align staff in your team so they work effectively together
  • how to mediate with family members and achieve more harmony
  • the best way to sleep for health and recovery from illness
  • how to work and hire people using their natural skills to achieve success!

Now remember, the Ming Gua is not the person, or you, it is a guiding force that influences people in an internal manner that no one else can see, but the person can feel, and one they are wise to trust....

Use our handy-dandy online calculator to find out your Gua, and everyone else's while you are at it right!  

Simply enter the birthdate, choose the gender and click calculate.

Alrighty, simply click the 'Yes I Want This' button and enjoy my friend, enjoy!

Voila, now you know everything there is to know about everyone, aren't you the informed one now! Keep this collection of Profiles nearby and tap into the information that will assist your relationship with everyone around you. 

Are you looking to access just one Gua Profile...? 

No problemo, simply follow the links here to the one you need: 

Ming Gua 1  ~  Ming Gua 2   ~  Ming Gua 3   ~  Ming Gua 4

Ming Gua 6  ~  Ming Gua 7   ~  Ming Gua 8   ~  Ming Gua 9

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  •   Gua #1
  • Personal Chat With Sam For Gua 1
  •   Gua 2
  • Personal Chat with Sam Gua 2
  •   Gua 3
  • Personal Chat with Sam Gua 3
  •   Gua 4
  • Personal Chat With Sam For Gua 4
  •   Gua 6
  • Personal Chat With Sam Gua 6
  •   Gua 7
  • Personal Chat With Sam Gua 7
  •   Gua 8
  • Personal Chat With Sam Gua 8
  •   Gua 9
  • Personal Chat With Gua 9

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