Beginner Tai Chi Class ~ 24 Form

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This Tai Chi class is PERFECT to strengthen your mind, body and......

  • Price: $200
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Language: English


Tai Chi is one of the most sophisticated and yet simplistic method of exercises for the mind, body and soul. Hidden inside its core softness is the essence of its strong success.

With permission from Sifu Howard Ketola, who studied under Sifu Raymond Chung of Chung Yan Man's Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan school in Vancouver, I am honoured to teach the full system of Tai Chi Chuan and continue the legacy that cultivates ultimate health and wellness.

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan is often referred to as the 'Ultimate Exercise', and sometimes 'Ultimate Fist' and yet challenges the word fist with its ultimate softness, as that is its true strength.

Tai Chi helps improve your health, wellbeing, activate true wellness and;

  • Enhances relaxation
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves balance
  • Stimulates cardiovascular system
  • Promotes circulation of the blood, lymph, and internal energy (CHI)
  • Aligns and strengthens skeletal structure
  • Improves memory and stimulates the thinking process
  • Increases alertness
  • Quickens the reflexes
  • Increases bone density
  • Massages and stimulates internal organs
  • Improves overall fitness level

If you wish to improve your health, and tap into a higher level of understanding that will improve every aspect of your life, this class is perfect for you and I consider it my honour to teach you this ancient art, in today's modern world.  

Yes, I want this!


  •   The 24 Tai Chi Curriculum
  •   24 Tai Chi Form Visuals
  • 1. Beginning of Tai Chi
  • 2. Partition Wild Horses Mane
  • 3. White Stork Displays its Wings
  • 4. Brush Knee & Twist
  • 5. Play The Guitar
  • 6. Step Back Monkey
  • 7. 8. Grasp Birds Tail ~ Plus
  • 9. & 11. Single Whip
  • 10. Wave Hands In Clouds
  • 12. High Pat On Horse
  • 13. 14. 15. Kick Sequence
  • 16. 17. Snake Creeps Down
  • 18. Fair Lady Works Shuttles
  • 19. 20. Needle At The Sea Bottom & Fan Through The Back
  • 21. Deflect Sideways, Parry & Punch
  • 22. 23. 24. Counter & Closure, Cross Hands & Close of Tai Chi
  • 24 Form Tai Chi Demonstrated & Sung By Sam

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