Finding Love The Peach Blossom Way

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Love is an intricate, multi-layered, multi-faceted connection that.....

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Love is an intricate, multi-layered, multi-faceted connection that defies every ideal we have ~ you never really know when or where that famous lightning bolt may strike...? 

Peach Blossom is a way to identify intimate connections and help you understand why you like some people, love some, and possibly don't have affinity with some others... 

When you find a connection, it may not always be romantic love, it can be that deep friendship, that charismatic formula that strengthens the bonds and binds you to someone without apparent reason ~ it's quite a fascinating formula indeed. 

In the 'MVP' section, you will see I speak to referencing your Day of Birth to find Peach Blossom. Many people recommend using the Year of your Birth ~ so I often cross-reference both. 

From what I have experienced with clients, and the way I view your birth chart; the year is of course important, as it was the year you were born and is 365 days... but the day, well, that is one day, and that makes it all you baby, all you! 

Enjoy this free guide, a little gift from me to you! 

Sam xo   

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