Steadfast & Trustworthy ~ You Could Be Ming Gua #2

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Strong-willed, opinionated and a rock that others to trust what else....

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Do you relate to an inner strength, easily generate trust in your friends and love being the go-to rock that others can lean on...?

Are you strong-willed, opinionated and a rock that others trust... what else makes you tick..? Oh wait, I know the answer to that, big question is, do you...? 

You could be a Ming Gua #2...

We are all incredibly unique, each one of us destined to be who we are, and walk our own path ~ but is there an invisible theme that runs through us...?

Can we share traits with someone born on a similar day to us, month or year...?

Yes, we can, and this Ming Gua is part of that intimate connection.

We do have unique optimal working directions that will help us achieve our goals faster! 

We do have uniquely favourable directions for the most restful sleep, and understanding what works for you will make you stronger and more efficient in all you do! 

Jam-packed with information, and if you want to learn key characteristics about yourself, now is the time, as I have laid everything out, and it's all about you, from your ultimate resting position, to your most powerful one! 

If we have yet to meet and work on your home, this is a great first step to help you achieve your goals. 

Use this guide to help you understand; 

  • your co-workers, and what they need for optimal collaboration
  • how to mediate with family members and achieve more harmony
  • the best way to sleep for health and recovery from illness
  • how to work with your natural skills and achieve lifetime success!

Now remember, your Ming Gua is not you, it is a guiding force that influences you in an internal manner that no one else can see, but you can feel, and one you are wise to trust....

If you want to learn some key characteristics about yourself, now is the time, as I have created a fantastic guide, all about you.

Do a quick check to make sure you are Ming Gua #2 with our online calculator ~ Simply enter your birthdate, choose the gender and click calculate.

Alrighty, if you are Ming Gua #2, simply click the 'Yes I Want This Now' button and enjoy my friend, enjoy!

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Oh, isn't Astrology fun!! 

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