Amplify Your Strategy ~ Day 3 Art of War

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Learn strategy & tactical problem-solving techniques for....

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  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Language: English


Amplify Your Strategy is Day 3 of the 4 Day course.

You are about to immerse yourself into an entire new world with 36 Strategies!

These 36 skills allow you to:

1. Resolve a problematic situation before it begins

2. Know your role and your opponent's role

3. See how to control your emotions and be objective

The Full 4 Day Course Provides ~ Buy All 4 Days HERE & SAVE $386!

Learn Strategy & Tactical Problem Solving for Day-to-Day Problems

  • Making an accurate Power Analysis of any modern day competitive situation – How do you stack up?
  • Analyzing the Position & Relationship between you and your adversary
  • Who has the Upper Hand and Why
  • Analyzing the Position & Relationship between you and your adversary
  • Who has the Upper Hand and what you can do about it
  • What are the Advantages & Disadvantages available to you
  • How to Move Forward whether you are winning or losing
  • Know when to take a Tactical Retreat
  • When and how to Reposition Yourself
  • Improve your Accuracy in reading the Qi Men Dun Jia chart

The full 4 day course will teach you how to use Qi Men Dun Jia charts for solving Contemporary Life Challenges in matters of Health, Wealth, Career, Business and Relationships using:

  • The 36 Stratagems related to Qi Men Dun Jia
  • The 64 Hexagrams of the Yi Qing correlations to the 36 Stratagems of the Qi Men Dun Jia
  • The 13 Chapters of Sun Tzu’z Art of War

Hear what students say!

"Patricia and Pamila, a wonderful learning from you! I truly enjoyed this course applying what I have discovered in Art of War using this Time and Space which is so innovative and unique! I will forever recommend and introduce this learning to all people I touch. Thank you again" Tram Anh Nguyen, London

"The information is mind-blowing. Pam and Pat are an unstoppable force and compliment each other perfectly!" Leah Floyeurs, London

"I liked learning how to formulate Strategies, talking about using them in the business, and the pictorial Hexagrams. Thank you!" Krzysztof Pazowski, London

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  •   Amplifying Strategy

    Immerse yourself into an entire new world with 36 Stratagems or Strategies

  • Position of Power 1

    Books and video’s that will help you understand even more if you so wish to go deeper.

  • Position of Power 2

    ​Are you ready to learn who is in the position of POWER and why that is occurring?

  • Position of Power 3

    ​We say practice makes perfect!

  • Strategic Analysis 1

    ​How to read the charts with the right methods - determine if your analysis is correct

  • Strategic Analysis 2

    You now can see why you have to SIZE UP your opponent!

  • Correlation 1

    Correlation of the 27 Hexagrams and the 36 Stratagems

  • Correlation 2

    More of the 27 Hexagrams and the research that connects them with the 36 Stratagems.

  • Correlation 3

    Understand the Hexagram message that tells you what you need to do

  • Your Personal Strategies 1

    How the 36 Stratagems are a part of your personal BaZi and Qi Men Destiny charts.

  • Your Personal Strategies 2

    Let's see if any of your 4 pillars combinations are part of the 36 Stratagems!

  • Your Personal Strategies 3

    Why sometimes we need to use more than 1 stratagem for support.

  • Defense or Offense 1

    ​Is your opponent playing a defense or offense role?

  • Defense or Offense 2

    Who do you believe made the best case from the 2 groups?

  • Defense or Offense Position 1

    Wrap Up Day 3 - analysis between the two sides

  • Defense of Offense Position 2

    Wrap up & preview of Day 4: making a POWER ANALYSIS

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