6 Forecasting Tutorials Using QiMen

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The ULTIMATE set of QiMen Tutorials with everything you must know for....

  • Price: $388
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Language: English


This Tutorial Webinar Series is the ultimate experience for enthusiasts, and crucial study for every professional!

Created and taught live in 2016 by Patricia Lee & Pamila Faye Productions, this series of tutorials walks you through the intricacies of understanding a Qi Men chart, and how to help yourself, and your clients!

Purchasing this complete package gives you access to everything you need:

  1. Chart Analysis
  2. Relationships
  3. Software Application
  4. Monthly Chart Application
  5. Buying A House
  6. Health

Whether you are a complete beginner, part way through your education or wishing to review your knowledge base, THIS is your best package!

Purchase NOW and you SAVE $140 ~ almost two tutorials for FREE - WOW!

Yes, I want this!


  • 1. Chart Analysis

    ​In this first seminar you will learn how to analyze an annual QMDJ chart, what to look for and how to read what you see.​

  • 2. Forecast Questions on Relationships

    Ahh... relationships, one of the key questions always asked.

  • 3. Software Application

    Learn how to maximize your skills with QMDJ software to improve chart analysis and provide accurate consultations.

  • 4. Monthly Chart Application

    In this tutorial you will learn how to break down a monthly QMDJ analysis and see what it means to you​

  • 5. Forecast Buying A House

    Does my home have good Feng Shui? Is it a good financial investment? Get your answers…..before you make that major decision!

  • 6. Forecast Questions on Health

    Health is one of our greatest assets and an area of great interest to us all. Without it, nothing else matters. Find answers to help guide your medical decisions.​

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