Triple Qi Day 1 ~ Ze Ri & The Fundamentals

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  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Language: English


We are excited to share our Inauguration class teaching Triple Qi Date Selection! The purpose of our 4 day course is to teach how you can use Date Selection along side of Xuan Kong Da Gua with Qi Men Dun Jia.

In the FULL 4 DAYS we teach the following:

Strategic Merging of 3 Date Selection Methods:

1. Conventional

2. Xuan Kong Da Gua

3. Qi Men Dun Jia

3 Together = 3 Times Better

This course is Day 1: Ze Ri & The Fundamentals.

You will learn how to:

* Pick powerful dates to take Action on major events like:

  • Start a New Job or Business,
  • Launch Projects,
  • Move In Dates,
  • Marriage,
  • Surgery,
  • Filing Legal Suits and more!

* How to powerfully use the Annual 4 Noble Stars,

  • Personal & house Nobleman,
  • Intelligence & Peach Blossom Stars

* Trigger your actions with best hours for added impact

* Fine Tune dates that connects to your personal destiny chart

* Avoid deal breakers and how to avoid them.

* Avoid & mitigate problems caused by the annual negative energies

* Overlay your 4 BaZi pillars onto your house Qi Map for Activation.

Our method creates the ultimate frequency convergence of Heaven Earth Man

And if you are looking for the ULTIMATE DEAL, buy all 4 Days for a special deal HERE ~ with special bonus of 53 compass templates!

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  •   1. Ze Ri & Fundamentals Manual
  • Ze Ri & Fundamentals
  • Shaping Your Destiny
  • Analyzing A Date
  • Year & Month Stars
  • Annual Influences
  • Nobleman & Deal Breakers
  • Formulas
  • Examples
  • Activations
  • Moving Dates
  • Example Move
  • Supporting or Drain Directions using Na Jia
  • Home Renos & White House Trump
  • Legal / Grand Opening Dates
  • Tong Shu Software & Filtering
  • Looking for Love
  • Wedding Date
  • Conception
  •   Learn How Qi Men Warns of Fire Disaster

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