Beginner Face Reading Discovery Course

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Understand the story of your life, shown beautifully on your face with...

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  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Language: English


What is Face Reading, and how can such a skill be useful in today's modern world?

Great question!

Face Reading (Mian Xiang) was developed in China as one of the most powerful tools to foresee personal problems. Used extensively in 'Human Resource' departments within the Empires of old, not a move was made without evaluating many aspects of a prospective general or assistant: Face Reading included!

This beginner course combines 3 important areas for you:

  • The Heaven Aspect: A systematic study of our facial features that can reveal our personality: both strengths and weaknesses of our character, showing what we are born with.
  • Time Aspect: A way to predict our future and disclose our best, and also most challenging moments in our lifetime.
  • Man/Human Aspect: Helps us with the knowledge of how to prepare for our future, and to change our facial features by our own actions.

The face is the mirror of our life and personality, and the eyes are the mirror of our soul.

Once we know how to read a Face, we have the best tool to help us understand ourselves better, as well as our children, friends, colleagues and family members; all helping us to avoid problems!

With this skill, we can:

  • Improve our life by understanding working with our strengths and improving our weaknesses
  • Increase wealth potentials with the knowledge of our wealth structure and ability
  • Strengthen our health by placing focus on the right areas of our body
  • Encourage more meaningful relationships by understanding what we truly need to be happy
  • Attain career success knowing we are working to our true potential

This seminar is perfect for anyone looking to improve their own self-awareness and particularly useful for those working in HR Departments.

Imagine how beneficial it is to evaluate a potential employee's face and place them effectively in your company ~ wow right!

No previous knowledge is required to attend this course ~ it's ready for you to begin right now!

You receive:

  • Beautiful downloadable handouts with room for additional notes
  • Video presentations you can view multiple times

Quoting Master Joseph Yu from his blog on Face Reading:

“Of course we cannot judge a person from his facial features just as what Confucius said. What I like better is the spiritual part of Face Reading which is a reflection of a person's heart. 相由心生. A person's facial features can change with a change in his character. From Face Reading we can get quite a lot of information about a person, and is not just like the cover of a book. It may be a good summary of a book together with the table of contents subject to change at the discretion of the author.”

In our Face Reading Courses, we collect all the information from the famous Masters in the past including a lot of ancient literature like Ma Yi Xiang Fa 麻衣相法, Shen Xiang Quan Shu 神相全書 by Yuen Liu Zuang 袁柳莊. We have also included valuable materials from Bing Jian 冰鋻 written by the famous Honourable Zeng Wen Zheng 曾文正公, who used this technique to help him choose his assistants throughout his career as an important officer of the Qing Dynasty. This seminar also includes techniques from The Complete Writing on Spiritual View of the Body Shen Xiang Quan Pian 神相全篇 by Chen Tuan 陳摶

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  • Personality of 5 Mixed Shapes

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  • Life Stages

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  • 6 Face Features

    The nose, eyes, ears, eyebrows, mouth and forehead - fascinating informative features, once you know what to look for!

  • 12 Palaces

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  • Summary Appearance Palace

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