The Spiritual Side of Face Reading

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Can a forehead show untapped potentials, and is a round forehead....

  • Price: $680
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Language: English


This online course delves into the attributes of your facial features, and how you can read them effectively to achieve the outcome you desire. 

Incredible value for anyone and everyone, from Curious Seeker to HR Manager ~ information you learn here will forever impact how you view the people around you!

This can be a stand-alone course, or a follow-up to my Beginner Face Reading course, where you gain important foundational information about the face, which is often your best place to begin ~ but you can delve into the big stuff right here too! 

WOW ~ I have so many new things to share with you!

We will now focus more on how our body, facial features and internal spirit to learn about how behaviours that we normally use every day, can affect our desired outcomes, and potential success!

This course has more detailed layers, going way deeper into areas that have great meaning, with incredible information about some of the most important facial features.

With this course you will receive:

  • Beautiful downloadable handouts with room for additional notes
  • Video presentations you can view multiple times

Whether you seek to learn about face reading for enjoyment, or because it is part of your career ~ this information will forever change your vision ~ in a fantastic, all-encompassing way! 

If you want the BIG picture, I have 3 courses for you:

Beginner Face Reading

Spiritual Side & Gateway To Face

100 Things You Must Know About Your Face

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  • Course Index

    Let's define our time together!

  • Spiritual View 1

    Form & Spirit - Xing You Yu

  • Spiritual View 2

    Form & Spirit - Xing Bu Zu

  • Spiritual View 3

    Form & Spirit - Shen You Yu

  • Spiritual View 4

    Form & Spirit - Shen Bu Zu

  • Forehead

    Definitely at the forefront of our true potential, with clear indicators of career, mental capacity and our family!

  • Forehead Shapes

    Slanting back or round and high - which one is better..?

  • Hairline Shapes

    Does a person have a fighting spirit..? Possibly, and the hairline can tell us!

  • The Eyes

    Windows of the mind, connecting body and soul, they eyes reveal everything...

  • Eye Size

    Understand how eye size & shape tell their own unique story

  • Eye Position, Direction & Eyelids

    Calm or talkative..? Emotional or Intellectual..? Self-critical or objective...?

  • Eye Shapes and Colour

    Determined, self-confident, high achieving... how can you tell...? Ah, the eyes give us clues...

  • Eye Case Study

    True stories about what can happen to people with “white eyes”.

  • Eyebrows

    Health, friendships and longevity - all foretold in the eyebrows!

  • Norms for Eyebrows

    Define a good eyebrow form and achieve a better outcome!

  • Eyebrow Shape and Direction

    Can leadership be recognized in the eyebrow...? Oh yes, and talent, cultural tastes and even loyalty...!

  • Famous Eyebrow Styles

    Fancy names reveal fascinating facts!

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