100 Secrets To Know About Your Face

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Your face has age points that tell your life story and each one holds....

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  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Language: English


In Beginner Face Reading we discussed the basics, which are very important and should never be omitted when doing a face reading.

Then we touched the Spiritual Side of Face Reading, where you learned much more detailed information and viewed the body features and behaviours.

Now you are here, we will study the other face features, together with the 100 year age positions, which clearly show us where to find every single year of a person's life.

Fascinating right!

After studying this 3rd course, you will have a tremendous amount of information and possess an invaluable skill set enabling you to read any face you see.

It is so exhilarating to understand our behaviours & the people around us!

This seminar is useful for everyone and will be a great help in our daily life.

In this course you will receive:

  • Beautiful downloadable handouts with room for additional notes
  • Video presentations you can view multiple times

All 3 Courses For You:

Beginner Face Reading

Spiritual Side & Gateway To Face

100 Things You Must Know About Your Face

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  • Index

    The guidelines for our time together

  • Nose

    The nose represents nine different aspects of our personality and is a most important feature!

  • Nose Size & Shape

    On this one, size does matter! Overall balance to the face is important, so let's learn to measure the nose correctly.

  • Nose Bridge & Tip

    High, low, wide, thin, sharp, pointed... upward tilting, angled to the left... oh so much to consider, as each one speaks to a different outcome!

  • Nose Wings & Nostrils

    A view to our spending habits, and long term wealth gains!

  • Famous Nose Styles

    Specific nose styles that can indicate destines and innate characteristics!

  • Ears

    Useful for listening and gathering information, but can a soft or hard ear reveal more important attributes..?

  • Ear Size

    Protruding, flat, large or small, and which one is best to have..? Oh so many secrets that must be shared!

  • Ears and 5 Elements

    In addition to many ears styles, there are 5 types of ears representing each one of the five elements, with different characteristics.

  • Famous Ear Types

    There are special famous ear types having their own name. We will examine 7 of them in this chapter.

  • Mouth

    The mouth not only reveals our eating habits, it also reveals our communication skills, emotional tendencies, and a lot more!

  • Mouth Types

    The different shapes of mouth will reveal a rainbow of personalities!

  • Teeth

    Can you trust somebody? The teeth can give some clues…

  • Lips

    Is a person emotional, logical, sympathetic or..? Can much more can be revealed by the lips? Yes!

  • Cheeks

    Cheeks and cheekbones will tell a lot about power and leadership skills.

  • Cheekbones

    Interesting how “high or low cheekbones” can make a big difference!

  • Chin

    The chin represents family life, children, willpower… and more!

  • Jaw & Moneybags

    Having good 'moneybags' will help us enjoy life!

  • Fa Ling

    Fa Ling brings extra knowledge about us and helps us avoid problems right in time.

  • Philtrum

    The philtrum represents our life expectancies and children. We will analyze 20 slides about all kinds of philtrum

  • The Age Map

    How fantastic is to be able to see the exact spot that belongs to every year of our life - in our face!

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